10 Extension Design Ideas

Extensions Design Ideas

House extension creates more space in the home, and if done correctly, it looks beautiful too. Normally people don’t even know how much space they have. Through home extensions, they get immense space at home, almost like it was never there. That usually happens due to the improper placing of furniture and home decor that end up occupying some extra space. Here are 10 ideas you can use for your home extension:

1. Loft Conversion

Turn your vacant loft into a beautiful attic by loft conversion. It can be used as a mini getaway or library to sit back and relax.

2. Reconfiguring The Furniture

Furniture takes a lot of place in the house, in fact, our home is mostly furniture. If you rearrange your furniture and home décor, you can create more space and even the home will look anew.

3. Build AnotherStorey

If you are getting a home extension done, increase the space by building another story over your house. It’s better than a room built on the side as another story won’t take any more space horizontally.

4. Style The Extension

You know it’s a home extension, but don’t make it seem obvious. Make it part of your home by getting it painted with the same design as other rooms. That will make the extension a part of your home.

5. Loft Window

When getting a loft conversion, make space for a window so that sunlight can enter. Sunlight will add to the charm of the room where you can sit and read a book or listen to music.

6. The Glazed Room

Our homes are not perfectly square or rectangular in shape. Link the distant parts of the home on the outside with a glazed room or pathway. It will not only save you the trouble of going outside in extreme temperature of summers or winters, but it also looks beautiful.

7. Room for a pet

If you have a dog or any other pet, build him a separate room on the patio of your home, so he can enjoy and relax under the beautiful blue sky outside and enjoy the grass sitting in the room.

8. Basement Conversion

No need to throw any of the waste materials in the basement. If your home has a basement, build it into a proper room and it can be used for several purposes. A deftly done conversion will turn it into a room to sleep in, or you can just have it look as beautiful as any other room in the house.

9. Room under the staircase

A staircase takes a lot of space in the home, you can use the area under the staircase for a tiny room to keep your stuff there. Though space would offer to be small, the room can be used as a storage room.

10. Framed Windows

Let one side of the room be covered with framed windows. The gilded rays of the sun will make the room shine like gold and make it glitter. It will also make the room look more spacious.

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