Adding Value To Your Home

Having works done to a high standard or increasing the size of your home could improve its value. 

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Adding value to your home

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Whether you have recently moved into your home or have been living there for some time you might want to add value to your home.

There are some common, and not so common, ways to go about adding value.


The first way to add value to your home is to think about whether your loft could be used for extra space.

With the correct planning permission, and with a specialist firm of builders, your loft can become an extra space which will add value to your home.


Most people consider that their loft can become an additional bedroom but there are also opportunities to convert loft space into office space or even room for hobbies.

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You should make sure that there is easy access to the loft and that the extension is in keeping with the other features of the house.

Secondly, you may wish to convert or replace your garage to make additional living space.

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Many households do not require their garage space. Although you may think that your garage is not really in a condition to make use of it for additional living space it is the additional floor space which counts.

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With the right planning permission, garages can be dismantled and room can be made to extend the house.

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Thirdly, you may decide to improve the kitchen. The kitchen is the key room when it comes to selling, and adding value to, your house.

We are the premier company for all of these services.

We also specialise in garage conversions, increasing space home extensions or changing the purpose, of both garages and outbuildings.

Our builders can provide you with robust walls, outbuildings and conversions.

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Pristine can help you to plan a new kitchen and to find additional floor space for this important room by looking at the existing walls and structures of your home.

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Finally, after the kitchen, it is actually the bathroom that is the next most important room when adding value to a house.

Extending the bathroom and adding features such as walk-in showers and freestanding baths can add value to this significant room.


In conclusion, there are many ways to add value to your home. You should think beyond the obvious types of extension and think also about extending bathrooms and kitchens. Pristine will be happy to take your call and to supply you with a free, competitive quote, for these important investment projects.