Architects: why work with Pristine?

Our experience counts

Pristine is known in the local area, and indeed nationally, for our outstanding work with architects. We work closely with architects in terms of the design process to make sure that we are fully able to create their designs in a timely, cost-effective and aesthetically pleasing way.

• As we are experienced in working with different types of architects, from the traditional to the contemporary, we are sure that we will be able to work to your exacting specifications.
• We can provide you with examples of work projects that we have completed for architects in the local area. Please call us for more details.

Innovative and contemporary

When working with architects, we are known for our innovative work in terms of matching their vision with the reality of existing properties. For existing properties, we work in a creative way to make sure that the design matches the building regulations and planning permissions required. We employ a mixture of traditional crafts and the most up to date building styles to make sure that we not only meet your specifications but do so with efficiency and skill.

• We are also known for our contemporary work. For new builds, we can advise on more experimental processes of design.
• We are able to advise you on features such as solar panels and other environmentally friendly aspects of a building.

Realising your vision on time and on budget

Your vision, as an architect, is of paramount importance to us. However, unlike some other building firms, we can help you to meet that vision according to a strict timescale, and within your client’s budget.

In terms of timing our projects, we employ a project management approach which has been tested through years of experience. Before a project begins, we can map out each stage of the project process, making sure that the project is going to be completed in the specified time frame.

Not only time, but the cost is important to your design. We work in a cost-effective way to make sure that the project is completed within budget and without expensive project over-runs. We know how to source the best quality materials, at the best price, to make your design a resounding success.

• We will apprise you on any unanticipated changes to costs and timings.
• We use a developed project management approach which will make sure that the project is finished according to your design schedule.

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