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Pristine Build Aylesbury offer general building home extensions refurbishments and conversions. 


Aylesbury Home extensions, new build and conversions

Technical Experts​

If you live in Aylesbury and looking for the best local builder, Pristine is the right choice for you. We offer wide range of building services that will leave you more than satisfied.

Design & Build

Pristine Builders are available for the Aylesbury area that can share your vision. We can help with design, concept planning on your behalf.


The services are of high class making us the PERFECT CHOICE local builder in the Aylesbury area. Our services are for those who require high quality building work, and those looking for experts who will help them attain their building vision.


We can provide you portfolio of our previous works and check with other homeowners for references. You can see some of the homes that we have renovated that are located in nearby local areas.

Aylesbury Builders
Local, Trusted & Affordable

If you are looking forward to build a new property or want your traditional property maintained, we are there for you. We offer refurbishment and maintenance of buildings and you can trust on us from the beginning to the end of your building project.

Honest Pricing & Communication

At pristine, we offer specialist works in the Aylesbury area. For clients who require to have additional facilities or adoptions in the area, we have highly qualified and experienced building professionals who can have your adaptations fitted in the right way.

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This will ensure that if you have a person with disability, your home will be friendly to him or her. We have many years of experience in building the adaptations you require, so you can expect quality, professionalism, originality and punctuality that you may not find in other builders.

Individuals can find the builders who have a great reputation and share your vision of what a home can be.

Whether want your home built out of stone brick or something else.

These are the builders that you need.

Who Are Pristine Builders?

In the modern days, power bills have gone high due to high cost of electricity. For property owners who care about the environment or want to cut down electricity bills, we offer high quality heat pumps and buildings that are energy efficient.

In addition we also offer appliances that consume less energy, thus helping cut on your bills.

Perfect Finish

We ensure that we refurbish and restore your traditional property to the level of glamor it had when it was new and ensure it is worth the investment you have put into it. Our experts can refurbish any facility in your house be it the bathroom, kitchen and make sure that you are happy.

Customer Satisfaction

There are many other facilities in homes that require to be of high quality. Due to our high experience and qualifications, we have the ability to work on any part of your house in Aylesbury. We can work on your kitchen and bathrooms to make them customized according to your specific needs. In addition, we do offer brickworks, tiling and roofing services according to your exact requirements. You can trust us because we have extensive project planning and management service.
Home extensions Aylesbury
Local, Trusted & Affordable

If you are looking to carry out some changes in their homes, gardens or other buildings, we can do that for you. We are the perfect local builder Aylesbury due to our high level experience, friendly, reliable and convenient building experts. We specialize in helping people who want to increase their rooms, change the functions of the rooms and others.

Honest Pricing & Communication

Our professionals put your needs first before anything else. With our qualifications, we offer suggestions on how your home extension should be designed to make your home look more unique. We offer fresh ideas on how you can have your home remodeled to suit your specific needs. Draw plan, architects and build Regardless of whether you want to build large and small building, we can draw an excellent plan for you.

No Obligation Quotes

We have the required experts do the drawing for you at an affordable cost.

Our professionals have knowledge on the required standards for building in all parts in Aylesbury area.

In addition, to drawing the plan, we will also help you in all the architectural services you want until your building is complete.