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Do you live in Beaconsfield and looking for a local builder? If yes you do not have to look anywhere else because Pristine is the perfect local builder Beaconsfield for you. We have been in the market for a long time, so we have gained the required experience and skills to offer high quality building services to our clients. Our company offers a lot of building services for people living in Beaconsfield and its environs.

Our building experts ensure that all our clients building needs are met in terms of quality and efficiency of the services. Our building and design services are aimed for clients who need professional building work and those who require designers who can help them meet their building goals.

In addition to home building services, we also provide wide range of conversions and extensions to the clients. We have highly qualified and experienced experts with the ability to do loft and garage extensions and other extensions required by the clients too.

In addition, we also specialize in landscaping and maintenance work to ensure that your building has unique and exceptional look. Regardless of whether you have an old or new property, we have the capacity to manage it from the start to the end. Our main goal is to ensure that your building stands out among the many in your area.

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Specialist type of services we offer –

At pristine, we respect the diversity that exists in Beaconsfield among the people. Thus, we provide specialist form of services in the area. We cater for those people who require extra adaptions or facilities in the area upon request by our clients. This is aimed to ensure that even those with some form of disabilities also take advantage of our building services.

Other specialist services we offer to property owners include:

  • We help build sunroom to ensure that you can take advantage of good weather as you relax during the summer season or other time when the weather is conducive.
  • Offer dry and wet stone walling building and repair services.
  • Our professionals are skilled to make assessment of other building near your area to ensure that they provide a building that is unique in Beaconsfield.
  • At pristine, we also work on lime plastered wall according to specific client requirements.
  • If you require robust timber framing and other architectural joinery facilities we are there to provide them for you.

Integrated services

For the clients who are environmental conscious, or want to save on their heating bill, Pristine has technicians who can offer heat pumps and energy friendly building and other appliances. In addition, we offer specialist refurbishment, cleaning and restoration to our clients in Beaconsfield. We can also handle any area of a house.

For instance, we provide services on kitchens and bathrooms and help in tiling, brickwork and roofing. In all these services, our experts adhere to the specifications and requirements provided by the clients. In addition, many of our clients end up being surprised on the quality of services that we provide within a very short time.

This is why Pristine is one of the local building companies in Beaconsfield that has high referral rates among clients because of our exceptional building services we provide. Our main goal is to ensure that all our clients achieve their building vision.

Why we are the choice of many clients

  • Pristine has gained a lot of trust and confidence among clients because we provide holistic solution to give clients the best results. We have highly qualified experts who can offer any type of building services you want regardless of design or size.
  • Our cost is also client friendly, meaning that our clients do not strain economically when we work with them. We charge according to the amount of work that is required to make the building unique. The good thing is that we offer quotation that includes the entire cost of our services. So clients do not have to worry because there are no hidden costs.
  • Building and renovating requires a dedicated and specialized approach which is why Pristine stand out from other local builders in Beaconsfield.
  • Unlike many other local builders, our experts will work with you from the beginning to the end of the project to ensure that you get the best results from your building project.

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