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Bedford is an area where you will find Pristine working on a wide range of projects.

Design & Build

We have a very good reputation in the Bedford area and will be sure to provide you with a wide range of services at a very competitive price so you are sure to be satisfied with the quality and range of our building services.


If you are short on room in your property, or you wish to add value to your existing property, then you might want to think about our extension, or conversion, services.


We provide the full range of conversions in the Bedford area, including loft and garage extensions, as well as more extensive forms of extensions, in terms of adding additional rooms, or sunrooms, onto your property.

Bedford Builders
Local, Trusted & Affordable

These additions are a great way to increases the price of your Bedford home, without moving. We can also treat walls and other areas. If you have lime plastered walls, then we can work on this very delicate type of material.

Honest Pricing & Communication

We can also conduct exceptional wood and timber work, and we are very well known in the Bedford area for our architectural joinery facilities. You may find that it is time for a totally new look for your property, in which case we can offer the best value refurbishment services in Bedford.

No Obligation Quotes

We can also offer you the best building restoration services which can help you to give your building the look that you expect for the future. This service means that we will act in full compliance with building regulations, and other planning permissions.

Individuals can find the builders who have a great reputation and share your vision of what a home can be.

Whether want your home built out of stone brick or something else.

These are the builders that you need.

Who Are Pristine Builders?

We are always sure to work as a full design and building service in Bedfordshire so you can be absolutely certain that for work that involves project management we will always complete on time, and to your exact specifications.

We also offer the following bespoke services

- For disabled, or elderly clients, or those with special needs, we offer a full range of conversions and adaptations.

- We stock an eclectic range of heating and other pumps which can reduce your expenditure dramatically, and make sure that you are doing your bit for the environment.

Customer Satisfaction

- Our designers will be sure to offer you the best materials to make sure that your home in Bedford is one in which you can be proud.

- We work on commercial as well as residential properties.

- We are also able to service local authority properties.