Brick Matching


Brick Matching

Over many years the brick industry has had massive changes, with many companies closing down, or developing new styles of brick. Not only have companies closed, but others have opened, which has happened over a number of decades.brick matching
When a client is looking for an extension then they must take the above into consideration, and this must be made clear by the builder.
Builder’s take great pride in leaving the customer satisfied, mismatching brickwork will leave the customer dissatisfied, and will make the work look somewhat substandard.
It is more than likely that when the owner chooses to extend their property that the original brickwork will either be unavailable or will be extremely difficult to track down.
It may at times prove difficult to track down the correct brick, but an excellent builder will find the closest match. This may be a little more expensive than anticipated, but this will be offset by the increase in the value of the house that is being worked on.
Brick matching is so vital because it will make the property look fantastic and it will also add even more value than an extension with mismatching brickwork.
Finding the right match also ensure that old and new brick courses have similar brick dimensions which will mean that they are far better for a good finish and stopping water seepage in the property.
Some builders will try to find the cheapest material in order to keep costs down for the client, but they should be persuaded to pay that little bit more for a far better finish. With a little bit of time and effort bricks will be able to be sourced for any brickwork that has been used in the UK.
A good builder will work with the client to ensure that the best bricks are sourced, this should be explained at the quote stage, so hopefully, the client will agree to the best suited bricks, rather than the cheapest. If the builder takes a selection of photographs with them then they will see the benefits of matching the bricks.
The new bricks will be subject to weathering, so it is best to find a brick that is slightly lighter than the original to allow for the pigmentation to change.
Experienced builders know that the pointing is also important when matching bricks, the pointing has to be the same as it was on the original building.
It is vital to bear in mind a number of issues when brick matching, consider mixing different bricks for a more random pattern which will be in keeping with the original building.
Make sure there have been enough bricks purchased as sometimes bricks of the same type may vary considerably between consignments. Brick bonds will also need matching, as there is often a difference between a period and modern properties, bonds have changed as often as bricks over a period of time.
A mortar that is too strong may also cause damage to the property and will leave problems with the matching of bricks.
In conclusion when brick matching ensures that the customer is offered advice as to the best bricks for the house, even if this is more expensive than other bricks that may be available.
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