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Building regulations: giving you security

When you commission building work you do not usually consider that your builder should take into account a set of laws and regulations called ‘building regulations’. These regulations seek to protect you as a customer and householder.

They do not aim to stop innovative building works, but rather to give you security when you employ builders. Of course, we are sorry to say that not all builders comply with these regulations. People who call unexpectedly at your house and offer to ‘repair’ your roof, for example, are often not acting in accordance with these regulations and will operate outside of the law.

If you ask a friend, or colleague, to undertake work, or conduct work yourself, you will often find that you are working outside of building regulations. This can cause your home to become unsafe, invalidate your buildings insurance and even be an offence if people are harmed by your work.

Pristine operate in full accordance with building regulations. The structural integrity of your home is their first priority when carrying out building work. They act in accordance with regulations regarding ventilation, light and sound.

There are also regulations around drainage and energy conservation. Pristine will make sure that the work they carry out meets all regulatory conditions. They can provide you with evidence of work that they have carried out with other customers.

A very important part of building regulations is fire safety and Pristine act in full accordance with this aspect of building regulations. Unauthorised building works are not in accordance with this important aspect of the law.

If you are a landlord or renting a holiday home, you can suffer severe damage to your business and your reputation by commissioning building work that does not meet these regulations. Some firms have even been driven out of business by employing builders who have not been working in accordance with building regulations.

Why take chances with your security, home and livelihood? Pristine operate in accordance with all building regulations, will advise you on applying for planning permission and will operate with your safety and security in mind.