Pristine for Carpentry and Joinery Working with Wood

The skills required in a professional carpenter or joiner can not be underestimated. A good eye, the ability to work with a range of tools and materials, and a high regard for health and safety are absolutely essential. Carpentry and joinery jobs can be epic in proportions.

Working with timber framed houses, or large beams, carpenters and joiners need to work with construction professionals to achieve the best possible results. At the other end of the scale, craftsmanship is required when wood working involves intricate detail.

Finishing jobs in kitchens and living rooms frequently involves craftsmanship which would not be out of place a hundred years ago. Indeed, as well as working with wood in modern homes, our carpenters and joiners are skilled at restoration work.

In short, Pristine have the perfect match of the old and the new and can find the perfect carpenter and joiner for your home.

What to look for when commissioning carpentry and joinery work

Obviously, you will want a skilled and experienced craftsman to work on your job. Pristine can absolutely guarantee this for your work. However, in our experience, we often find that people want far more than this. They want the personal touch for their home.

Our craftsman can not only advise on types of wood and materials, but can also inform you about different joints and fittings, and creatively solve problems in terms of unusual works or installations.

Often there will be bespoke jobs that you would like a carpenter or joiner to complete. Pristine will be able to meet your exact needs to the letter.

Why Us?

Working with an organic material, like wood, means that you will need to think about the future. Over time, changes in the structure and content of woods means that you need to take a long term view.

Pristine can help you to select the right type of wood for your carpentry and joinery work, and carry out tasks to your exact specifications.

We can promise you that we employ the most experienced craftsmen who take real pride in your wood carpentry, joinery and restoration work.

Why not relax and let Pristine take the strain of your carpentry and joinery work?