Converting Your Garage

A beautiful home is what we all dream of. After a long day at work you want to arrive home and see a beautiful home that makes you even relax. We are normally told that a home says a lot about you, in terms of personality. We all want that home that is the envy of everyone, in that when your friends arrive at your home they are amazed by the beauty.

Today you don’t have to struggle and decorate your home all alone; there are so many companies who can do that work for you. Also, you may have realized that you need some extra space in the home.

Probably you may be expecting more children, or you are having more visitors, or you are just tired of the small house and you need more space. You don’t have that much money to move to another house, or build an extension; well you could convert your garage.

The following are some of the advantages of converting your garage:

Saves on Cost: Moving to a new house can be quite expensive, and probably you don’t have the money to move to a new home. That is why you can convert your garage and save up on costs.

In charge of Implementation: Probably when you moved in, you found the house already decorated, and you were not amazed by the decoration. When you decide to renovate your garage, you can be the one in charge of decorating it. You can decide the colour of the wall and type of floor.

Increased space: Converting your garage means that you have more space in the house. You could decide to join the garage with the sitting room, thus having a bigger sitting room. You can even decide to convert the garage to a gym, the garage can be converted to which ever room you decide.

You have decided to convert your garage, and are now looking for the perfect company to contract so that they can convert the garage for you. Look no further Pristine Builders is the perfect company to hire. The following are some of the advantages as to why, you should hire Pristine Builders:

Perfect Transformation: With pristine Builders you are sure that your home will be left looking amazing, this is because Pristine normally do quality work. They have experience in transforming houses inside and outside.

After converting your garage you may want to have a perfect garden. Pristine have very qualified gardeners who will surely work on your garden, leaving it looking fantastic.

Perfect Finishing: Once your garage has been converted, you may want that nice tasteful interior look. Well Pristine have interior decorators who will surely work on your garage, leaving it tasteful and colourful.

Experts: At Pristine we have building experts. Our team members are very skilled and have several years of experience. We will also give you advice on your home, once you hire us.

We have experienced plumbers, and carpenters who will work on your garage. Also if you want to convert your garage alone, we will give you advice on how to do it. We also project manage the whole garage conversion process, so you can have the extra time to do your work and just relax.

Convenience: When you call other companies you will find that probably they don’t offer for example plumbing services or carpentry. This means that you have to call several companies just to work on your garage, thus making it very expensive. At Pristine we offer many services, therefore converting your garage will not be so expensive

Coverage: At Pristine we operate in three different counties Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire and also Northamptonshire. Therefore if you have different homes across the following counties, then we can provide our services to you. You don’t have to call a different company in the various locations, thus saving your time and the stress of looking for a building company.

Excellent References: At Pristine we work with various types of clients. We also work for businesses such as shops and even offices. For the clients we have worked for, they will give an excellent recommendation of the work we have done for them. At Pristine we take our customers very seriously and we always want to offer the best services.

Converting your garage does not have to so difficult, we at Pristine are available to assist you at a reasonable fee.

We will ensure that your garage is left looking amazing from the floors up to the walls. You can call us any day and anytime and we will send our experienced team to your home.