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Conversions and Refurbishments: the choice is yours with Pristine

A range of conversion and refurbishment services

When it comes to increasing your quality of life in your home there are two main choices to make. These are whether to convert or refurbish your home. Of course, the two are not mutually exclusive and you may decide to commission a conversion and refurbishment at the same time. This can make good sense as you will want the rest of the home to be keeping in character with your conversion.

In terms of converting your home, there are a number of options to choose from. Starting at the top of the house, you may decide to opt for a loft extension. This is a very good starting point if the loft is large as it often adds value to the sale price of a house. Lofts are also very cheap in terms of additional heating costs, and you can usually add extra insulation to the price of the extension.

Moving down the house, you might want to convert existing rooms. More space can be added through removing interior walls. On the ground floor, you may wish to convert your garage to make additional floor space. Finally, below the ground, you may have a basement which can be converted to serve many different purposes.

In terms of refurbishment, again there are many possibilities. Internally, working with brickwork and timber can add space or additional features to your rooms. Refurbishment can also involve improvements in painting, decorating, carpentry or joinery work. There are literally thousands of possibilities when it comes to refurbishing your house.

Pristine for conversions and refurbishments

Pristine can take the headache out of conversions and refurbishments in your home. They know how to reclaim space and make the best use of existing space. With a range of craft and trade services, Pristine can work with you to make your home more spacious and decorative.

Pristine for quality

Many firms offer conversion and refurbishment services, but they do not offer the same quality as Pristine. By using Pristine you will obtain a quality conversion and refurbishment at a competitive price.