How To Convert Your Garage To Living Space

How To Convert Your Garage To Living Space

Garage conversions can increase the value of your abode by 10 percent. It increases the resale value of your houses. A benefit worth mentioning is that it increases the value of living space without any extra costs or difficulty involved in moving houses.

Plan of design and space

The internal area of most garages is long and thin. In order to get a more viable shape, one should use stud or block walling, in order to transform the garage into two rooms. The additional room can be used as a bathroom. The other half can be used as a storeroom. One can make some drawings pre hand in order to plan the rooms.

Permission for planning

A garage conversion does not require any sort of permission if there’s no alteration in the structure of the building. If one lives in a listed building, then planning permission may be mandatory. If there are homes that are in newly built estates, then there’s a possibility that they may require permission.

Rules of the building

If you are changing or converting your garage to the room which can be habituated, then you will have to adhere to the rules of the building. The regulations can be regarding any type such as those relating to ventilation, insulation, fireproofing, moisture proofing, etc. This is the reason why we need to take them into consideration while making a plan. Before getting a certificate of completion, the building inspector will inspect the windows, fireproofing, doors, etc.

Plumbing and installing wires

One needs to make a thorough survey of the plumbing and installation of wires inside the house. Any wall which needs a breakage requires special attention. Locate how water outflows and the soil outflow while installing a toilet.


  1. According to regulations, the existing floor has to be efficiently strong, but requires extra damp proofing, to meet building rules.
  2. Having discussed the main aspects of garage conversions, let’s now do a quick swot up on the advantages of garage conversion:-
  3. Control over the design is there. Since you are making plans for garage conversions, every aspect of the design is there with you.
  4. Garage conversions add value to your living spaces. They only increase the garage spaces and make them habitable without an increase in costs.

It increases feasibility. Garage conversions, since they make the garages more habitable, people don’t have to move spaces.

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