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DIY vs Professional Builder

The choice between DIY as compared to a professional builder is becoming one that households are considering in this time of financial austerity. To save money people are undertaking minor, and even major, building jobs, to try and minimise their costs. Although this may seem like a good idea in practice this is a false economy.

People do not consider the true cost of their project when they undertake DIY work. What might seem like a relatively simple job, such as building a wall, may soon become very expensive when you include the cost of building materials and tools. Moreover, DIY jobs are of much lower quality than jobs undertaken by a professional builder.

A recent survey showed that households incur significant costs for putting right botched DIY jobs that they had tried themselves! People also neglect to think about the time it takes to undertake a professional building job and they can lose a lot of leisure, and even work time.

Finally, unlike professional builders, you can not make use of specialist suppliers of materials and may well buy at higher cost and lower quality when undertaking your DIY project.

Another drawback of DIY projects is the health and safety implications. DIY is one of the major causes of accidents in the home. You may also be doing irreparable damage to your home in undertaking a DIY job.

It is not unknown for people to damage their electricity supply, compromise a supporting wall or to cause water leaks when carrying out their DIY project.

When it comes to a firm of professionals, such as Pristine, who employ skilled builders, you will have peace of mind. As discussed above, DIY projects can actually be expensive. Pristine will provide you with a competitive quote that means that you will actually save money compared to the cost and time of a DIY project.

DIY projects are often unfinished, or of poor quality. Pristine will complete the project on time and to the highest possible specification. DIY projects are dangerous. Pristine will pay attention to health and safety and you do not have to put yourself, and your home, at risk.

It must be said that Pristine will also finish your uncompleted or botched, DIY project for you at a very competitive rate!