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Edwardian properties: grand designs

Built at the beginning of the 20th Century, Edwardian properties are known for their grandeur and their roominess. They make ideal homes for families due to their large rooms and expansive ceilings.

However, they also require a great deal of maintenance due to their age and the types of building materials employed. They also require specialist work when it comes to extending these properties as many builders do not consider the unique features of these properties when conducting new works.

Edwardian properties are especially subject to damp because of the use of timber in the construction process. Also, the brickwork is often layered with cracks due to their age and the materials used in construction, which are not designed to withstand decades of wind and rain.

Subsidence and heave are not uncommon in such properties. Given such a range of serious problems, it is advisable to employ a company with a specialist eye when looking at Edwardian properties. Careful planning and expert work are required on Edwardian houses.

Pristine is one of the best-known companies in the area for working on properties of this period. Their trained craftsmen can restore your property to the grandeur of the Edwardian era.

When extending an Edwardian property, there are several areas that you can focus on. The bathroom, kitchen and bedrooms are perhaps the obvious choices but Edwardian properties have large lofts, and these can be converted into an extra living, or even office, space.

Planning permission is often difficult to obtain, and so you need to make sure that you are working with a firm that understands all stages of this process. Pristine does have demonstrable experience of extending homes of this type.

They understand that Edwardian properties are known for their space, light and ornate features, and they will work to retain and enhance these when working on your home.

Edwardian properties frequently have large gardens. What some owners fail to consider is that this area can be usefully employed to extend the house further so that a bathroom or kitchen can be expanded.

Even a few metres of extra space can make all of the difference to the downstairs areas of your Edwardian home. Furthermore, a firm such as Pristine can even look at building extra properties, or outbuildings, on your land. An external office can be the ideal contemporary addition to your house.