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Energy efficiency

Energy bills seem to always be in the news these days. The rising cost of gas and electricity outstrips rises in wages and can eat a sizeable chunk out of your household budget. Even if you can cope with the price rises, you may also want to think about the environment and how you can make your home more energy efficient is an important aspect of protecting our planet.

Energy efficiency is also an important consideration for house buyers and by increasing the energy efficiency rating of your house you can actually increase its value. Older houses suffer, particularly from energy efficiency problems.

Their size and the type of building materials used means that they can leak energy and heat. Often plumbing and electricity supply is not optimal which can lead to further costs. However, newer houses can also be improved to save on energy costs.


\You can build and renovate to make your home more energy efficient. Roofing is one area that you can start with, and by changing roofing materials and insulation you can make a sizeable saving. You may even want to go further and to install solar panels so that you can actually generate electricity for your home.

These can be installed onto roofs by professional builders and electricians. Walls can also be insulated or improved, to increase heat retention and so save you money on your heating bills. There are also technological improvements that can be made to your electricity and plumbing to save you money.


If you want to make your building energy efficient, then there are several places where changes can be made. Rather than decide on piecemeal changes it is better to consider a full energy efficiency analysis of your home. This would involve a specialist firm of contractors analysing your home, energy use, and considering where savings could be made.

This technique has been found to be useful for both old and new builds. If you want to undertake this type of work, or if you already know the changes that you want to make, then please contact Pristine for a quote and survey. You will find that Pristine are the best firm to consult for all of your energy efficiency needs.