Adding an Extension to your home

Are you thinking of making any changes at your home, garden or associated buildings?

If yes, you definitely need an experienced, convenient, friendly and reliable contractor to do that job. That is the main reason we are here. At Pristine Builders, you will get skilled builders who will ensure that the job is carried out to your exact specifications and you will also receive expect advice to improve your ideas.

Why should you choose Pristine Builders?
We are one of the premier company that offers all your building and renovation services in UK. Some of the service we specialize in providing include increasing room space, changing room purposes, garage conversions, robust walls, garden landscaping and many more services. For all your home extension needs, feel free to contact us today.


What are the reasons for hiring Pristine Builders for your home extensions?
Any home extension can improve or reduce the quality of life for you and your family as well as is increase or decrease the value of the home. Why is this?

The answer is simple, the contractor you hire to carry out the job. An inexperienced builder will definitely do a shoddy job that will definitely have a negative impact on the appearance of the home. However, a qualified and experienced contractor will add value to your home, improve its appearance and make it a little heaven here on earth.

At Pristine builders, our experienced team of contractors will always have your priorities first before anything else. We will listen to your idea closely and offer you suggestions on how we can improve that idea. With our vast experience and training, we will offer you fresh ideas to incorporate in your remodeling plan so as to make your home more pleasant and convenient. We work closely with all our clients to create the perfect design for each project.

What are the benefits of hiring Pristine Builders?

Some of the benefits that you reach by hiring us include;
*Management of the entire project.
From the moment you visit our offices and seek for the services we offer, we never look back nor give you a cold shoulder not matter how tough the road may be. As you are aware, home remodeling is a process that involves filing out permits, county codes and the actual remodeling. Pristine will ensure that everything is done correctly and legally to avoid future consequences. We shall always stand beside you from the time the project commences until the final touch ups are completed.
*You are guaranteed a neat and quick job
Remodeling your home by creating home extensions requires a lot of manpower, tools and building materials. When the items are not properly stored and left everywhere, they can create a very uncomfortable atmosphere and environment for you and your family. To avoid such inconveniences, you definitely need to employ professional contractors who will do a clean job and complete it within the shortest time possible. By hiring pristine builders, you are guaranteed a clean and perfect job that will be completed in the short time. We will complete home extensions in the shortest time possible and ensure disruption of the family’s living space is as minimum as it can be.
*You are assured of a professional looking job
Yes, anyone can do home extension but, no one can do it as we do. Our expert builders ensure that the extensions blend properly with the older parts of your home to bring out the perfect appearance. They will ensure that there are no leaks on the joints where the new roof joins roof the existing roof. Moreover, we will ensure that the new floor attaches to the older one smoothly and no one would be in a position to tell if it was an extension.
*Increased home value
When we complete the home extension, you are assured that the value of your home will increase. This simply means that you will pocket more cash with by either selling the home or renting it than you would otherwise before the new addition. How do we do this?

We will ensure that the project enhances the appearance of the home rather than detracting from it.

We cover the Bucks, Berks, Oxford, Northants and Bedfordshire areas
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