Garage Conversion Ideas


Ideas For Garage Conversion:

Not all garage conversions need to turn into a bedroom or an office. Garage conversions can offer you a huge space. Wear your Creativity Cap and here are a few ideas as to what you can do with the extra room by garage conversion:

1. Mini Casino

Invite your friends over for a few drinks and play casino games in the comfort of your home. You can’t gamble and bet money, but you can always play friendly card games at home.

2. Game Room

Nothing will make your kids happier than having a special room to play games in, especially for them. They will be able to play heartily without worrying about disturbing anybody. Install a TV, a gaming console, fill the refrigerator with food and beverages and fill the room with all kinds of games. Anyone who wants to play games can directly go to the Game Room.

3. Home Cinema

Buy comfortable furniture for your garage, install a big screen TV, home theatre and watch movies sitting at home. There’s no better feeling than simulating theatre experience in your own home. A home cinema will save you a lot of money and you can enjoy the movie at home, the same as you do in a theatre and with the company of friends, it will enhance the experience of many folds. So call your friends, get popcorn and some drink and catch up on movies you have missed.

4. Mini-Bar

Invite your friends over on weekends for a couple of drinks and enjoy all day and night in your minibar. Instead of going to the bar, turn your garage into your personal mini bar at home. With so much space in the room, you can even get a snooker or pool table and play with your friends and enjoy the day.

5. Home Library

Those who love to read, buy more books than they can read. It gives them a sense of comfort that they will never run out of books to read. Space for more books is the issue every bibliophile faces. With garage conversion, you can turn your garage into a library or Reading Heaven. Whenever you want to detach yourself from the world, go to your home library, pick a book and get lost in a world different from yours.

6. Mini Getaway Room

A mini getaway room will give you a place where you can go and lock yourself in to relax when you don’t want to stay at home for a while. Amini getaway rooms can make a person feel relaxed.

7. Personal cave

If you feel like you get on everyone’s nerves easily and need some space to stay away from people. You can find comfort in your personal cave, call up some friends and spend some merry time there.

There you have it. Converting the garage into a useful space can go a long way. It need not be a bedroom or office space every time. Garage has much space, and if used properly, it can be of use in multiple manners that will be beneficial to everyone in the family.

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