Garage Conversion: Tips From Our Experts


Garage Conversion: Tips From Our Experts

A garage conversion does not require any planning permission because it already comes under ‘permitted development’. But it is important to ensure that the rights must be applied before you start the work, even if it is just the sake of your client.

Converting a garage will require a building control application. An application issued by the Building Notice department where there is no requirement of the detailed plans, while a Full Plans application covered with full detail along with the specifications will give you and your client more security about the work that needs to be carried out before starting the work on your site.

Below are seven main considerations if you want to have a good garage conversion.

You must be sure that the base must be strong so that you can easily carry out extra load if required. A new coat on the external wall or if you want to fill the gap between the garage door with the help of brick and block and a window will add extra weight. It is also important to check the shape and suitability of the base or the floor when the door area which is not filled is excavated. If the base is not there, then you will not be able to settle the door of the garage in a proper manner. And if you have any issues, then you can also talk to your surveyor of the building.


check if the existing walls are stable or not and make sure that there is no defect in it. If you are satisfied, then only the surveyor of the building will approve for the structural purpose. If the single skin of the wall is having piers, then it is mandatory to remove them.


if you are handling a wall having single leaf construction, then it is your responsibility to make it waterproof. If you want to make them waterproof then you can include tanking by using a vapor-permeable membrane which is directly linked with the damp proof course or with the membrane at the floor level.


it is important to insulate the walls, floor, and roof first so that it can be converted to a habitable standard. Your building control designer or the surveyor will help you to choose the right insulation. Also, remember that there might be chances of adding ventilation to the roof voids.


it is important to keep in mind that the windows you are choosing must have openable vents that should be equal to the floor area of the room.
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