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Garden Landscaper

Garden Landscaper with Pristine Garden design is our speciality -

Garden Landscaper?

Employing a garden landscaper is something that households may not have considered in the past.

Design & Build

However, today it is a service that is more affordable than you might think, and one which can be a real investment in the value of your home.


A garden landscaper can advise on all aspects of your garden. A landscaper can completely redesign your garden, starting from scratch to produce a garden that meets all of your requirements.


Alternatively, a garden landscaper can reinvigorate an existing garden by advising on garden furniture, planting or even on the use of split-level designs in a garden.

Garden landscaper
Local, Trusted & Affordable

Whether you desire a traditional, or contemporary, garden design Pristine have the expertise required to advise you on your outdoor space.

Honest Pricing & Communication

Pristine also specialise in patio, decking and conservatory construction. They use high quality, robust, building materials that are appropriate for all weather conditions. They can also source specialist rock, brick and timber for a unique result.

No Obligation Quotes

Pristine are the natural choice for garden landscaping in all senses of the word. They prioritise ecological features in their garden design, using environmentally friendly garden materials and sustainable timbers.

Individuals can find the builders who have a great reputation and share your vision of what a garden can be.

Whether want your modern, classic or historic pieces

These are the garden landscapers that you need.

Pristine Are The Natural Choice -

Pristine will be able to advise you on plant and tree types that will compliment the natural features of the soil. They will advise on foliage and flowers that can produce a stunning display of colour, or a more subtle appearance.

Our garden landscapers can work in conjunction with the range of other tradesmen employed by Pristine to provide you with a bespoke garden service that can match a new conservatory or a renovation to outbuildings.

Perfect Finish

We employ all of our tradesmen in house, so you can be sure that they will work to our high standards.The Pristine Touch - When it comes to your garden landscaping needs, Pristine will be able to make your garden fit around your lifestyle.

Customer Satisfaction

Whether you are going to use your garden for playing, entertaining or simply relaxing, Pristine will take account of all of your desires. They can even show you examples of their existing works. The garden is one of the most important features of your home – why not let Pristine do the hard work whilst you enjoy your garden?