The Glass Extension – A Brief History


History On Glass Extension:

The orangeries were the predecessors to the conservatory and first came to existence in Renaissance Italy. Just like the conservatory in the sense that they were originally used for serving the purpose of horticulture, but rather than the built for the growth of the plants, orangeries were used for protecting the trees during winters. The citrus trees were the ones which were protected and this lead to the origination of the name orangery or orangeries. Glass extension in really common in areas like Banbury.

The early orangeries which were not having glazed roofs which are presently known as roof lanterns. In order to make sure that penetration of the nurturing warmth and light is more during the winters, even during the low winter sun, the idea of the construction of the orangery elevations which will include arrangements of floor to ceiling glazing came into being. With time, the opening arrangement for these shafts of light was turned into something sophisticated. The transformation was like from doors with removable panels to amazing triple hung slashes.

The terrace which used to accompany the orangery was an integral part of the design and the purpose of the plinth was to provide space to the huge container bound trees which made the transition from inside to outside during every spring season. The stone and the masonry elements of the orangery were charged by the sun. They would absorb the energy from the sun and radiate warmth during the cold evenings during the winter season. During the summer season, the solid roof of the open orangery would provide welcome shade for both the trees. This means that the ladies and gentlemen would not have to worry about the scorching heat of the sun and they can enjoy strolling at their orangery terrace.

A lot of wealthy landowners have constructed beautiful orangeries in their gardens. These typically long and narrow shaped elevations have become the center of attraction for everyone throughout central Europe. With the passage of time, the trend of getting the defining elements of the classical period imported became something irresistible. The orangery would reflect the same level of symmetry and the same level of order in its reflections.

Glass extension or Orangeries in today’s period will definitely have a roof lantern already added which will be complemented by a cantilevered integral glittering assembly. With the developed due to the industrial revolution, the development in the technology took place and the orangeries were replaced by the conservatories. Conservatories are built by combining glass and wood and glass and iron in the later stage. If you talk about the domestic level, the preference for installing a conservatory has become common amongst the wealthy lads.

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