Good time to build in Kidlington, Oxford

Good time to build in Kidlington, Oxford

It has been over a decade ago when the weekday train to London arrived at Oxford station carrying only 30-40 passengers. Now, the train caters to approximately 200 passengers on the same route. This is an outstanding sign that the two cities have an increasing potential in the real estate market. The London to Oxford commute will soon be upgraded with a new railway system. Chiltern Railways have begun building the first rail which will serve as a link to the two major British cities. The creation of this new line will connect London, Marylebone, and Bicester, Oxford. This great innovation will be called Oxford Parkway. As a result, property prices in the area are expected to increase

Properties located in London have always been known to be expensive. However, Kidlington is quickly gaining a massive potential to imitate London’s quality of living. They have the historical Oxford University which is one of the best in the world. Oxford is considered to be one of England’s most cultural cities. The Bodleian Library has an amazing collection of books and manuscripts. Starting from 400 years ago, it has been used as a legal library. It is also one of the oldest in Europe housing more than 12 million items. The Museum of Natural History is a display of Oxford University’s specimens. An estimated 670,000 visitors from all over the world visit the Museum each year. Oxford’s social capital is rich as well. The city is popularly known for its classical music scene. Their restaurants are more underrated. Turl Street Kitchen and Jacobs Inn located in Wolvercote have mouthwatering dishes that are loved by locals and tourists. It is a city where people can enjoy a mix of both historical and modern activities.

Pristine Builders is a top of the line home improvement company. We are committed to ensuring that our services will improve your quality of life. Our specialists are experts in creating spacious and luxurious living spaces that cater to your needs. The exteriors of your house is what people will base their first impressions on. It should look stunning with just one glance. Our garden landscapers will help you choose the perfect design which is unique and complementary to your vision. Pristine Builders caters to Home Extensions, Loft & Garage Conversions, Refurbishments & Conversions and Glass Extensions. Our company understands the importance of living in an environment that goes hand in hand with your lifestyle. We are here to share our years of experience in the industry to provide you with the best services. We can make any space turn into a more useful and productive room. Your current loft can become an extra bedroom, recreation room or office. We can make your kitchen and living room have more floor space for extra comfort. Kidlington is the best place to develop, extend or refurbish your home.

Since Oxford is quickly becoming a tourist spot and cultural city, it is expected that property prices will increase dramatically. If you’re thinking about making home improvements, now is the perfect time to do so. By making upgraded conversions to your house, it will increase its property retail value. If ever you decide to sell it in the future, you will be able to gain more profits. If you decide to keep it, you will have saved a lot of money since prices are expected to increase. Pristine Builders specializes in garage conversions. We are able to increase floor space and change its purpose depending on your needs. Our trusted builders will provide you with conversions, robust walls, and outbuildings. We are very reliable since we’ve had countless of projects in home improvements over the past years. We always make sure to accommodate your personal vision together with our expert advice.

Our own team of decorators and painters will provide you with a perfect finish. They will add the appropriate colors to match your preferences. They always pay close attention to details to ensure that everything will be made just as you like it. Specialists are essential in order to provide excellent services. Our plumbers and electricians have all been certified with the highest standards. We also have carpentry services so that we could provide high-quality woodwork repairs. When you choose Pristine Build Oxford, you are guaranteed to be satisfied with the results. We have received positive feedback from our customers who come from various establishments. We offer our services to all types of properties including homes, offices, garages, shops and factories. Pristine Builders is your trusted partner in home improvements.

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