For Heritage and Listed properties, Pristine is the first choice for local builders.

Heritage and listed buildings: care is needed

When it comes to heritage and listed buildings there are many different aspects to consider when making improvements, repairs or renovations. There are various types of listing which can be awarded to a building. They can be grade 1, grade 2* and grade 2. Grade 1 buildings are the most highly protected in terms of listing, but grade 2* (which are relatively rare) and grade 2 buildings are also protected through specialist regulations.

There is the need to consider planning permission and other conservation regulations when making any alterations to these buildings, no matter how small. You, therefore, should work in conjunction with a specialist team of contractors if you want to stay within the law.

Pristine are experienced in working on listed buildings and can provide examples of work that they have carried out, so it is the sensible choice to contact Pristine before other companies.

If you want to make repairs or alterations to your listed building there are two related factors that you simply must consider. The first is the requirement that the work meets with appropriate regulations. The extent to which these regulations are imposed can differ between local authorities and from time to time.

You may find that the regulations a number of years ago have now changed. The second, related, consideration is that you consider the appearance of the alteration or repair to make sure that it matches the original design and décor of the property.

Pristine can help you to select from a range of options and also advise you to make sure that the changes meet with current regulations. They are also happy to provide you with an inclusive quote for this unique service.

When making extensions to your listed building regulations are also important. What is often not considered about the listing is that it also applies to other outbuildings or even properties and features associated with the listing. This can apply extensively across a number of acres.

This makes it even more important that you work with a reliable contractor when making changes to your listed building. An extension needs to be in keeping with the appearance of your listed building.

Even if you decide to alter an outbuilding, such as a shed or barn, on your listed building land, you may still require permission. Pristine can help you to make these changes with peace of mind.