Could Home Refurbishments be The Key To a Comfortable Retirement?


Home Refurbishment Make It More Comfortable For Retirement:

As a generation of the baby boomers start thinking for retirement, new thoughts and concerns start cropping up their minds. One of the main considerations which should be the most important one is the need to stay warm, healthy and comfortable at home.

Let’s take the example of a couple for whom keeping out the cold or keeping in the heat has been the most important thing for this couple. This feeling is the driving force behind the couple’s decision to go for refurbishing their home. The couple lives in South East London and has completely changed the overall image of their home, which used to be a solid brick property 23 years ago, into a warm home that saves energy as well. The home will prove to be a great place for them for the years to come.

When the couple called the builders for Home extension in Wantage and began with the refurbishment, their main focus was not on their retirement and the early renovations for creating an instant change in their interiors. They added underfloor heating and a wood-burning stove which will help them to stay warm during the cold months. But soon the couple realized that there would be no use of having any kind of heating equipment with them as their home lacked insulation. It was because of this that the home started losing heat as soon as it was produced and this was underlined by a limited reduction in the costs of their energy bills. And since they were getting older, they started experiencing an immense amount of discomfort even when it was not much cold out there, which was hampering their physical well being.

Finally, the couple came up with the resolution that they should make some changes in their home so that they can live without facing trouble anymore due to the weather. They wished to get a makeover of the home in such a way that it protected the house from the cold weather by capturing the heat. They decided to go for home extensions and introduced a whole set of upgrades in their property. They incorporated the technology of external wall insulation (EWI) which will facilitate heat retention. Plus, they thought of painting their house with sea blue color just to add some aesthetic complements to their property. The couple took care of the protection of the environment as well by installing solar panels for electricity. They will bring in an air source pump in the near future.

This example shows that the refurbishments can be the key to a comfortable retirement and enables you to live a comfy life for your later days.

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