Loft extensions with Pristine A loft extension for the future

When you have outgrown your current home the loft is the perfect place to think about extending it. Most property experts agree that this type of extension is the most profitable in terms of adding value to your house.

Of course, planning permission is necessary, but within this parameter you will need to think about the type of loft extension which will be suitable for you and your family. The angle of the roof, known as the pitch, as well as the floor area and height of the loft, is a key factor here.

The greater this angle, the greater the potential for building upwards. In large lofts, there may even be the potential for a split floor. You also need to think about heating and plumbing even before you commission work. In short, the potential for your loft is limited only by your imagination.

Pristine can build your dream loft

Pristine can help you to realise that dream. Whether you want to use your loft as an extra bedroom, office or recreation room, we can show you that we have met the needs of a range of customers. We can even produce a dual-use loft space that can be used as both bedroom and office space.

This is a popular choice for people who may need to use the space for working from home but who may have guests to stay on an irregular basis. You also need a company like Pristine to deal with plumbing issues resulting from a new loft.

There are complicated decisions about water pressure to consider, but Pristine have a wealth of experience to draw on. They can even show you examples of other lofts that they have installed.

Why choose Pristine for your loft?

Converting a loft is a large, complicated, construction job that involves a range of tradesmen and craftsmen. The sheer logistics of working at the top of a house means that you need a firm that you can trust.

Pristine are in the unique position of offering all services associated with loft extensions. They have a wide range of in-house expertise. Pristine guarantee the quality of their work, and will take the pressure out of commissioning a loft extension.

It’s one of the biggest decisions you will ever take in terms of your house, so why leave anything to chance?