Pristine Builders In Luton

Pristine Builders are the first choice of many homeowners for making modifications in their homes and improving their quality of life. We offer exclusive home renovation and modification services in Luton to make your home spacious and luxurious.

Our services in Luton include:

  • Loft Conversions: Loft conversions is one of the many fortes of Pristine Builders. We have diverse range of skills when it comes to fitting your loft extensions and we make sure that the new enhancement to your home adds value and more usable space to your home. We are the experts in designing and fitting loft extensions in all types of properties.
  • Garage conversions: You can completely change the aesthetics of your garage in Luton by using exclusive services of Pristine Builders. Garage is the most unused area in your home and we can efficiently convert it into a beautiful room that you can use as a gym, play room or you can also convert it into a one bedroom studio and rent it out for getting some additional income.
  • Glass Extensions: We specialise in adding glass extensions to all sorts of residential and commercial properties. We have some extraordinary skills up our sleeve for this form of modification. You can get a beautiful glass room or a swimming pool glass enclosure at the best prices from Pristine Builders. We understand that the needs of two customers are never alike, so we provide custom glass extension solutions in this field. Even if you need double or triple glazed surfaces, Pristine Builders is the one name you can count on.
  • Conversions and refurbishments:Pristine can take the headache out of conversions and refurbishments in your home and do it better than anyone else.Our professional engineers and architects know how to reclaim space and make the best use of existing space. With a range of craft and trade services, we can work with you to make your home more spacious and decorative.
  • Bi-fold doors: Bi-fold doors provide a stunning and elegant look to your house and they are more secure than the traditional wooden or metallic doors. So, if you’re planning to build a new home or planning to remodel the old one. Go for bi-fold doors this time. The adorable bi-fold doors make the home look welcoming and enchanting. Be it a door to your backyard garden or for your rooms or even for the bathrooms, bi-fold doors work everywhere.
  • New Builds: We are not only experts in remodelling a house but have completed many successful projects of building a new house from the scratch in Luton. Check out our portfolio and decide the quality of our work yourself.