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Modern living: homes from 1980 to the present day

Many people enjoy the comfort of living in a home built in the modern period. From 1980 to the present day, homes were constructed with excellent facilities and energy conservation. The use of modern building materials, together with the latest advances in technology, means that such homes contain the latest amenities.

Additional power sockets, energy efficient features and even specialist additions such as solar panels and garages mean that these homes are becoming increasingly popular. Pristine will keep your modern home in the best possible condition but there are times when you may wish to make alterations or extensions to your modern home.

People do not think that their contemporary home will be in need of repair, or alteration, in the first few years. However, this is often a mistake. Sometimes there can be movement in modern homes due to the need for walls and materials to age. It is natural for walls to move slightly in the first few years or decades of construction.

These changes can cause cracks to appear and other forms of structural damage to occur. A firm such as Pristine can help with these forms of damage. Employing bespoke teams of builders, painters, plumbers and electricians they can maintain your home to the best possible standard. This will increase the value of your home on the market.

When it comes to thinking about extending the space in your modern home loft extensions are not the only option. Pristine can, of course, advise you on loft extension options, but there are other alternatives. One of these is to make use of cellar or ground space.

Many people with contemporary homes are considering building downwards. This is a highly specialised piece of contracting but one which is being considered by many homeowners. If you want to consider this innovative option, or if you want to undertake any forms of extension work, you will need to contact Pristine as soon as possible.