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Non-standard buildings: the Pristine advantage

Non-standard buildings come with their own specialist issues when considering repairs, alterations or extensions. There is no one way of categorising non-standard buildings but these include prefabricated, timber-framed buildings and eco-buildings that can use highly innovative building materials. There is no one-size fit all solution for this type of building.

Even within a type of building, such as eco-buildings, one can find a variety of building techniques that means a unique construction plan needs to be made. A firm such as Pristine employs a range of skilled builders and tradesmen who will take a bespoke approach to your unique home.

As you might expect, Pristine will use the most appropriate techniques for your home but can also offer a unique after-care service. This means that we can plan with you to develop your home to make it the unique space that you desire.


In making alterations and improvements to these buildings there are a number of factors that much be considered. The use of non-standard building materials is a particular challenge. Many of these properties use materials such as metal, timber and even earth (in terms of eco-buildings).

These materials require specialist considerations, not just in terms of building, but also in terms of energy conservation and appearance. For example, pre-fabricated buildings present unique challenges in terms of heating when alterations are made.

It can also be a particular challenge to source specialist timbers, and materials, for timber-framed buildings. If you want your building to be energy efficient and look authentic, you need to employ a reputable and friendly construction firm to work with. Pristine are the obvious choice for such detailed work.


Extending non-standard buildings is another challenge. The unique design of such properties, whether historical or contemporary, means that they were often not designed with extension in mind. Pre-fabricated properties were built using mass-production techniques, not dissimilar to how cars were made.

This can mean there is no room for significant extensions. Eco-buildings are built using materials and techniques that require extensive reworking to make them extendable.

Pristine employ a range of tradesmen who understand all of these unique issues and will be able to extend any type of building to your exacting requirements.