Oxford Refurbishment and redevelopment projects


Oxford Refurbishment and redevelopment projects


Pristine is the unique market leader in Oxfordshire that combines quality with professionalism and customer satisfaction. What is different from the other oxford builders about us, is not only we have the best team of specialists who are ready to deal with all your demands but we are also known worldwide for the professional and high-quality service that our team offers.

You can verify our work undertaken by our Pristine touch and once you will see our real-life achievements you will be the one willing to want to work with us!

We offer services and projects on many different niches but the ones on which we can say we are on “our territory” it’s made out of four sectors.

These sectors are the refurbishments sector, the redevelopments sector, the new builds sector, and the home extensions. Still, we will explain to you how we operate with our projects under these niches, even if they are not everything that we are specialized in.

If you choose to refurbish or to convert your house, Pristine is your only good choice. We can take your headache when it comes to convert or to refurbish your home.

We know how to reclaim space and make the best use of the already existing space. Our wide range of craft and trade services, we can also work with you and make your house more decorative, designed and spacious.

All the work we do is well organized, and starting from the top of the house, you can also order a loft extension for yours. This loft usually adds an extra value to the sale price of the house and it also looks very nice and is cheap.

Coming to the bottom of the house, maybe you want to convert the existing rooms, or if not just to refurbish them. This is no problem for us and we can provide you the best quality service and help because this is what we do.

Commissioning a new build can be a harsh thing if you are not well informed or don’t have a plan. The best choice for you would be to choose us as a firm that is used to working with famous architects that will make your house sketch and plans. Moreover, you need someone with qualifications and management skills to make sure that everything is done on time.

We also offer quality on this niche and we can also guarantee for your new build!

The house is the most used area in your life since you are a child and also the most valuable thing for your life. Our team also offers high quality and durable house extensions. Our demand is our task so if you need a house extension here is the right place to come.

Having built lots of relationships with many architects we can provide you the best house extension for the cheapest price and with the most durable foundation.

As a high-quality team recognized internationally we are willing to offer you also the best redevelopments for your house. You can have a full warranty on all the things that we do. We can redevelop your house from 0 to the best house in the neighborhood, the choice is yours.

Why should you choose us? I will give you a few simple examples.

First of all, because we offer a warranty over everything that we work with. Secondly, we have free quotations for all our work and the last thing but not the least, is that we have cheap and competitive prices which increase the availability for many persons.

Call us today – Oxford – 01865 685160

Contact us today to find out more!

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