It is a requirement for every building which is to be laid down to comply with building regulations. Before engaging a builder there is a need to enquire whether they are familiar with building regulations. There is also a need to inquire whether the builder or you who will contact the building control service. This helps in the prevention of future liabilities. Incase contractor is permitted to contact building control service on behalf of the client it will ease the work of the client.

This is because the contractor will be the one to contact the building control service on work and give confirmation that building regulations have been complied with. In case there is a need to acquire building permits you need to know who is obliged to acquire it. Since this could be delegated either to you, builder or any other person involved in building. Further, there are a number of statutory requirements and agreements that need to be met in different types of building schemes.


For a building to be in progress it must meet the current building regulations which have been set. In addition, it must be fit for fabrics, fittings or any other service and considered better than before. For health purposes, there is a need for ventilation for the enhancement of the circulation of air and enough doors to facilitate escape in case of an emergency. There is always a great need to engage a building control service inorder of all this to be checked. In the case of alteration of the existing building, there is a need for regulations.

The alteration of a building may lead to noncompliance with regulations due to another type of use. This will lead to additional requirements that are contained in the regulations which will need an upgrade.

This is a highlight of projects that need approval from building control service:
• In case of alteration in the use of the building.
• Insulation being inserted into cavity walls.
• When foundation to a building needs underpinning.
• Installation of a service that is under regulation.
• Replacement of windows where the builder or window company is not registered.
• An extension of a building.
• Erection of a building.
• An alteration project which comprises work that will temporarily or permanently affect the already approved structure.


There are a number of agencies that monitor compliance of building regulations one of them being local authorities. In case you have a permitted inspector providing building control service to act on your behalf then they are the ones to ensure all regulations are adhered to. They are entitled to give you advice concerning your project on things to comply with. In case your building work does not comply with building regulation then there will be no issue of the final certificate which will lead to a notification to the local authority.

Building control service will be taken by your local authority in case you do not engage another approved inspector. In case a person performing the work does not comply with building regulations it may lead to penalties. This is after the builder or contractor has been accused by local authorities.


In case you had not complied with building regulation it will be retrieved when the land analysis is done. This will cause a lot of difficulties in selling your property.

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