Pre-1900 / post-1900 properties:

Whatever the century, Pristine should be your first choice.

Both Pre-1900 and Post-1900 properties may be of listed status. It is a mistake to consider that only old buildings, such as those built before 1900, may be listed. Modern buildings and outbuildings, particularly those in conservation areas may be listed. The first thing to check before commencing building work is whether you require special permission to do so.

Pristine can help you at every stage of the planning process. Pre-1900 properties can have a range of problems that need attending too. They are often subject to damp and poor ventilation. They are frequently in need of repair regarding excessive damage, over the years, to brickwork or flooring.

Some of these problems can not be detected by the untrained eye, and so a specialist team of contractors is necessary to advise on, and work to correct, these deficits. Pristine is perfectly placed to expertly deal with the types of problems that are typical of Pre-1900 properties.

One of the most serious problems faced in Pre-1900 properties is poor and inadequate wiring and plumbing. These problems are serious, not only because of health and safety issues but also regarding meeting building regulations and because they may reduce the resale value of your home.

Pristine will restore these essential services to the best possible quality, saving money on bills and future repairs?? Both Pre-1900 and Post-1900 properties can outlive their usefulness to their owners. You may wish to refurbish a kitchen, bathroom or living area.

Pristine is known for the quality of their refurbishment and installation work. Whatever the age of your house, Pristine can provide contemporary styling to your room or restore it to its former glory.

Owners can outgrow a home of any era and Pristine can provide fully certified extension work to your exact specifications. This work will also add value to your home, whenever it was built.

Pristine also provide a range of services to make sure that the extension is not only of the highest building quality but will also guarantee that it meets and exceeds building quality standards. Pristine will also make sure that the expansion is in keeping with the appearance of the rest of your property.