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Customers: property management contractors

Property management contractors: why work with Pristine?


As an efficient property management contractor, you want to know that you can rely on a building company that will minimise your costs, and increase your revenue. At Pristine we place your profitability as our top priority. In terms of our labour costs, we employ high-quality craftsmen at a reasonable price and we also use highly durable materials that mean that your properties will be fitted with the best quality fixtures and fittings.

When bespoke repairs are necessary, we provide a service that is extremely competitive in the area. We also understand that there is sometimes a need for you to carry out full-scale repairs and refurbishments for a range of properties that you manage. Where this is required we are able to negotiate a discount for a contract, or bulk orders.

• A service that will minimise your costs in terms of building maintenance.
• Discounts available for bulk orders, or longer-term repair and maintenance contracts.
• Great craftsmanship which will bring you more clients who wish to use your properties.


We understand that looking after a property is a twenty-four-hour job. There is no time to wait when repairs or refurbishments are required for your properties. At Pristine, we are able to meet customer demands at short notice. As we employ a wide range of building professionals and related services, you can usually settle your requirements through a single call to us. We put our customer interests first, and can usually respond to repair work within a tight timeframe.

Our work is also of extremely high quality, which means that you will have less need for repairs and maintenance work in the future. Employing Pristine for your repair and refurbishment jobs is a sound investment in your property maintenance business.

• We are able to respond to most jobs at short notice.
• Our commitment to quality will mean that you spend less on maintenance and other aspects of looking after your properties in the future.

Custom service

We work with property management companies of various sizes, and with differing requirements. For some clients, an irregular service suits them best. In those cases, we can provide them with repairs and maintenance on an infrequent basis, when they require it. For other clients, with a large range of properties that require frequent attention, we can provide contracts that meet those needs. Whatever the size of your building maintenance business, Pristine can respond to your needs.

• A custom service that responds to your exact requirements. No job is too large, or too small.
• Meeting the needs of clients with properties that require frequent maintenance over a long period of time.


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