Reactive Maintenance

For reactive maintenance works, we work with local and national organisations offerings a wide range of service.


Reactive maintenance is also known as breakdown maintenance

Technical Experts​

In simple words, it is a process to react to the failed, damaged or any ineffective equipment and repairing them to achieve the intended function.

These are the repairs done when the equipment is not available or broken down.


Reactive maintenance aims at restoring the normal conditions of operation. The broken parts or components are returned, and then they are repaired or replaced with new components and parts.

The reactive maintenance ignores the preventive measures that are required to be taken care of while dealing with issues.


The work may be a minor issue or major issue but requires immediate attention and a degree of urgency, and this is where Pristine Build comes in!

Managing and coordinating with the Pristine Build reactive maintenance service team for some property that includes all from one to thousands of sites across the globe may throw up some significant challenges.

Quick Solutions

A well mannered and planned reactive maintenance starts by gaining a thorough and deep understanding of the exact or accurate requirements.

The requirement includes the existing supply base and the property portfolio. This deep understanding helps the workers to come up to a solution and react in their best possible way to the issue.

Expensive emergency maintenance:
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There is a price difference between emergency repair and planned repairs. Emergency repairs cost more than the planned repair.

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There is an obvious reason why the emergency repair is more costly. The reason is that the shutdowns happen at the time of production runs. These are not prescheduled during downtimes.

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Apart from that the expedited shipping of the spare parts are more expensive than the regular shipping. Sometimes the maintenance staffs are forced to work overtime than their regular times to maintain and repair the machinery.

Some of the services that are provided are in reactive maintenance:
Need reactive maintenance?

After getting an overview on the reactive maintenance, the question arises, what is the need of this reactive maintained or why do we require it and where it is performed?

Perfect Finish

Inside or out, those rooms that need updating we have experience in fitting bathrooms and kitchens.

Our service is always accommodating to your needs and, being a local tradesman, we are reliable. Our expert advice will give you a bathroom and kitchen of distinction.

For the perfect finish, we have our own team of painters and decorators who will add colour and detail to your surfaces.

Customer Satisfaction

Mostly reactive maintenance is ideal in business or commercial properties.

This may include satellite communication. For example, in the case of satellite communication, it is too expensive to send technicians to site and resolve the issue by performing the regular preventive maintenance.

In this case, reactive maintenance is the best and possible option.
Need reactive maintenance?

There are several advantages of reactive maintenance. 

Some of them are listed below:

The initial advantage is it is cheaper as compared to protective maintenance. Sometimes the systems or equipment are new. So, they require little maintenance. This helps to save on emergency labour and parts.

While one gets an issue, the initial thing is to get the basic of the issue and then gets the point of contact and contacts the relevant workers and contractors.

To resolve the issue, it is required to find the status of the issue. But if the issue is simple, then the cost of maintenance is least.

If it is major, then the cost of maintenance is more. In this case, a risk is involved. In certain the reactive maintenance is the best option. It is the spontaneous reaction to an issue.

The complexity of the issue states the number of workers. A simple issue requires fewer workers whereas a major issue needs a larger number of workers. This helps to outsource staffs and reducing the internal staffs.

The issues are resolved immediately. There is a small time gap between the occurrence of issues and the repair strategy.

Technicians can repair the equipment in case they fail as the occurrence of these failures are unpredictable, so there is no requirement of wasting time planning their repairs previously.

The approach of reactive maintenance includes or sits in line with the statement “run until the failure”.

Equipment and parts are used vigorously without spending any other vast amount. Maintenance is avoided, quick fixes or temporary repair are made, and checks are not ordered.

This is done to reduce the ongoing cost of maintenance and spend only when it is required.

Some of the operations of reactive maintenance depend on the type of Management Company. Some prefer dealing with reactive maintenance that may result in potential growth and profit margin.

Those operations that involve a higher amount of job prices may often offer an out of hours attendance’, and emergency calls out.

This is somehow the opportunity to charge more to the client as the client requires the work to be done quickly and is desperate to complete the work.

In that case, the client is not in a mood to negotiate so one may take the advantage and charge more.

There is always advantage and disadvantage regarding the reactive maintenance. So, considering the disadvantage one may focus on the preventive maintenance.

This takes an entirely different approach. A preventive approach limits the unexpected problems or issues by making regular checks and planning, servicing the approach.

This aims at reducing long-term expenses and avoids unanticipated issues.


However, there is nothing that the preventative maintenance can solely repair. The equipment will break down in an unpredicted way.

In that case, one may require reactive maintenance. This is the reason why every maintenance team requires the essence of it.

There are disadvantages of reactive maintenance. They may involve certain safety issues etc. Sometimes the budget is quite low. It may be time causing and requires Sporadic equipment downtime.


For reactive management one can surf over the internet and get the best possible result. One can get all possible details over the internet.

The quality of the work is incomparable. These are known for the meticulous planning. A new customer will be getting all the information regarding the work. Pristine uses the best building material and high-quality modern equipment.

Pristine is well known for the professionalism and quality. If you are planning on renovating building, improvement or any kind of work.


The quality of our work is high. It is well known for the detailed planning of the projects that range from the smallest plumbing job to a larger renovation work.

This helps the customer to have a deep knowledge over the work that is being processed. Pristine keeps detailed information about the property as well as the work that is being involved.

It also involves the experts’ advice of the professionals to achieve the job satisfaction. Pristine provides the best building materials along with the traditional and modern equipment.

Apart from this they also provide an aftercare treatment. It is utmost important not only to maintain the quality of the building but also to look after the electrical plumbing works associated with the building.


Our team are highly skilled in their area of work. They are intended to give the best possible design associated with the work.

Customer satisfaction is utmost important. This is also available in the carpentry and joinery service. The workers also keep an eye on the work so that the building details match with the existing features.

Considering the rental and business properties, one should make sure that the electrical works meets the expectation and should not exceed the national standards.

Who are Pristine?

Pristine are the initial choice of improving the home as well as the quality of life. It offers specialist services that take home luxurious and spacious.

There are several reasons why the customers should prefer or use Pristine Build

While selecting or opting for Pristine one may find the project management skills that are involved in each and every step of refurbishment and building process.

It works with the planners and architects and advises on the legal obligations in planning for permissions. Before starting the work, it would fix the time that each stage will take.

The workers are highly skilled and artistic. The builders, electricians and the plumbers are highly certified and are best in their works.

They are expected in any of the reputable business. Pristine always conform the work to be done quickly and accurately.

The materials may be traditional or modern. Apart from this, the work is always highly accurate and proficient. It is finished within the given time.

One may surf over the internet and spend hours on books so as to gain ideas to find the best-associated services that are required for the project.

However, there is never a guarantee on the contractors. They may or may not be reliable or certified. But Pristine performs in a highly integrated manner. Its approach is highly logical.

These are the local firm that are well known for their work. They are so confident that they can impress any company with their services.

They provide some site views to provide examples of their works. Locals are well acquainted and can opt for the easily.

If there is no adequate space in the house or if one is having problems regarding building then, it can be easily resolved with Pristine. It can help one in finding additional space inside the house.

It works with the finest equipment. The experts work by following both traditional and modern design techniques. The experts are highly professional in their approach.

The works may involve basement refurbishment, redeveloping a garage area or any loft extension.

Everyone in this modern world is busy retaining their house. Rebuilding increases the value of the house.

This makes the kitchen, bathrooms or bedroom more spacious and comfortable. They become more attractive.

One can surf over the internet and compare the quoted price of Pristine with others. This is highly in demand in the market. The competition is in terms of the service that Pristine is providing.

It is associated with highly talented professionals and the services that they are offering. Apart from this, they are proving services at a much cheaper rate as compared to any other company. This makes it more famous in the market.

Pristine provides a higher standard of reliability, durability and quality. They are the perfect source for the finest building and construction materials.

As they are local to their spots, so they gain more profit and gets more facility from the locals. In addition, the design and the buildings of the houses are most robust and well furnished.

They never deal the job with smaller and larger. They take the smaller jobs happily. This may involve building a single room or a garden landscaping. One can rely on Pristine to complete the task at a reasonable price.

On the other hand, they take the larger projects more seriously. If one is thinking of building a new project one can rely on Pristine.

For detailed information, one can visit the site or call on the contact given on the website. To gain the satisfaction one can surf over the internet and get the reviews given by the other users.

Apart from this one could view the whole work of the previous customers that have been completed. This facility is only provided in the pristine site. The work offered is always unique and best provided by the workers.