Reasons why DIY is declining in popularity


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DIY declining in popularity

It has recently been announced that Homebase is to make sweeping cuts in the number of stores that it has in the UK which means that there will probably be job losses. Homebase has decided that it will now concentrate on online sales, and try to grow markets in more profitable areas.

The closure of the Homebase stores is a sign of what has become a growing trend in the United Kingdom, the decline of DIY (Do it Yourself) amongst consumers who are increasingly looking to specialist, professional, builders to offer the services that they may have attempted themselves at one stage. This means that DIY is likely to show further decreases in the future and may become the exception, rather than the rule. In one way, this is a good thing, as DIY comes with many disadvantages when compared to employing an experienced builder to do your work.

Reasons why DIY is declining in popularity

DIY brings with it several risks and dangers which householders are becoming more aware of:-

-Building regulations.

If you decide to tackle a job yourself it is very unlikely that you will know about all of the building regulations which are associated with that work. This can cause major problems as you will be working without compliance with the legal and regulatory aspects of the task. You may even find that you are breaking the law. Similar issues apply to plan permission and issues concerning access to land. Here your DIY may break the regulations. You can solve these problems by using Pristine builders who work in full compliance with building and planning regulations.

-Health and safety.

Any DIY work involves risks. However, these risks can mean tragedy in terms of unsafe practices or building an unsafe structure. In particular, electrical and plumbing work come with their own problems. Even if the DIY job seems to involve little risk there may be hidden dangers of electrical wiring that you will need to contend with. You may not only be putting your own safety at risk, but also the safety of your children and family. You are sure that Pristine builders will conduct work safely and make sure that all checks are made after the work is completed.

-Time and effort.

These days, people lead very busy lives. They are spending more time at work and want to enjoy leisure activities and time with their family. DIY can be very time-consuming. Repairs, and even minor DIY tasks such as building a low wall, can take up considerable time. Builders also find that they are increasingly called out to fix DIY work that has not been completed or has been constructed incorrectly. You could save time and money by using an experienced builder like Pristine.

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