Restoration and Renovation with Pristine

The difference between restoration and renovation

It is easy to confuse restoration and renovation, but there are important differences between the two techniques.

Restoration means to restore a property to reflect its original appearance. This can involve a variety of discrete or mixed techniques. Using traditional timbers, paints or fixtures is the usual way in which restoration is conducted.

Restoration does not just apply to period properties, such as Victorian or Edwardian houses, but can also apply to more contemporary properties. Even in properties constructed post-war, restoration may provide a more authentic feel for your home. In restoration, it is important to be able to source materials and fixtures which are appropriate to the period concerned. A trained eye can easily spot a poor restoration job.

Renovation, on the other hand, involves using contemporary materials to update the appearance of a property. This can involve using new flooring, building materials, or modern decoration or carpentry. With renovation, it is important not to spoil the aesthetics of a home. Renovation does not aim to restore the look of a property, but it is important that the renovation does not look out of place with the aesthetics of a building. This can be avoided if an expert tradesman is chosen for the job.

With either restoration or renovation, it is important to take into account planning permission and building regulations. These services should only be undertaken by an expert, certified, building firm.

Restore or renovate with Pristine

Whether you are restoring or renovating, or a mixture of both, Pristine will meet all of your requirements. In terms of restoration, Pristine employ tradesmen and craftsmen who understand traditional ways of working. They will use appropriate materials, fixtures and even traditional techniques in their work. Similarly, when it comes to renovation, Pristine have the experience required to make the new addition match the look of your house.

Pristine and craft

Pristine take pride in their craftsmanship. Your home is precious to you, and Pristine guarantee the highest possible standard. Whether it is restoration or renovation, you would be wise to choose Pristine.