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Pristine offer a range of specialist works many other building companies will shy away from. Our trades are skilled and experienced contact us today for a free quote.


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Technical Experts​

Many builders say that they can do any job that home, or other property, requires but, in our experience, we have found that this is rarely the case. When it comes to jobs which require traditional skills, or more contemporary craft skills using new materials, many builders are simply not up to the job.


Fortunately, at Pristine, we have a range of skills which can be applied in traditional, or newer, properties to give you exactly the kind of look that you want for your home. In this guide, we will tell you about the types of specialist jobs that Pristine can do for you.

Traditional Materials

At Pristine we make sure that all of our materials are sourced about ethical and environmental considerations. Pristine is also adept at using the latest techniques to heat and power your home.

If you require solar panels to be fitted to your roof, Pristine have all of the latest products and techniques in this area.

Traditional Materials

With this in mind, we are still able to source traditional materials that will add aesthetic appeal to your building project. From traditional stone to hardwoods and crafted bricks, we can source the materials to your precise specifications. Our materials are also chosen with the weather, and their use, in mind.

Why Choose Pristine Builders?

When it comes to traditional properties, particularly those that have planning permission, you will need to make sure that the work has the correct planning permission.


The beauty of working with Pristine is that, not only do we have experience of obtaining planning permission, but that our use of traditional crafts is designed to match the aesthetics of your current property.

Honest Pricing & Communication

We use traditional crafts and techniques in our work which means that your new building work will be exactly in keeping with the historical legacy of your home.

Local Authority Approved

This not only keeps the local authority happy, regarding meeting their requirements for planning permission but most importantly means that you will be very satisfied with the match between the traditional and the new work in your home.

Woodworking is a lost technique for many builders, who prefer to sub-contract this essential service. At Pristine things are very different.

We have a team of specialist joiners and carpenters who can produce highly designed and specialised joinery and carpentry pieces to please the most exacting of architects.

Specialist joinery
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Contemporary extensions and fixtures

Pristine are not only experts at traditional property work, but can also turn their hand to more contemporary properties with great success.

Regarding non-traditional extensions to properties, as well as the standard loft extension, Pristine also offer very appealing basement extensions.

Traditional Walls

There are few things as more pleasing to the eye as a traditional wall outside of a property. Whether this is a wall using bricks and materials that match a particular era, or a traditional wet or dry stone wall, Pristine can meet your requirements in this important area of a building.

We go to great lengths to source the best, and most traditional, materials, for our walls. Our builders and finishers will work to make sure that the wall is of the highest professional standard to last for many years to come.

We will be happy to talk to you about our work in this area and to provide you with examples of other walls we have constructed using traditional materials and crafts.

Traditional Plastering

Many houses used to benefit from the look and functionality of lime plastering. Very few builders know how to properly replicate this technique which is good for the home regarding airflow and structural benefits.

At Pristine we are experts in the replication of lime, and other forms, of traditional plastering technique.

We also use traditional techniques in our finishing, painting and decorating. With Pristine you can be sure that the finishing touches to our building work will delight and amaze.