Feel the heat in your new sunroom Why invest in a sunroom?

With hot Summer days and mild Winters becoming more common in the United Kingdom, warmer weather and brighter days are becoming the norm. A sunroom allows you to enjoy the benefits of the outdoor weather whilst still maintaining the comfort of indoor living. Sunrooms are built on the side of your house and are usually accessed through an interior door in your house but they can also feature external doors to the garden.

Similar to conservatories, sunrooms are a modern take on the conservatory design, characterised by their large windows. These windows can be of many kinds, but upvc windows will allow you to enjoy the bright weather with good energy conservation properties. Sunrooms can have a range of interior designs. Some people use their sunrooms as additional living space whereas others use it as a dining room. Sunrooms can also be used as games rooms and areas for entertaining.

Sunrooms with Pristine

Pristine are the market leaders in the area for constructing a range of affordable and spacious sunrooms. We can advise on things such as planning permission and space considerations, which are very important when extending your property. This is a very good time to think about extending your house as the regulations on house extensions have been relaxed, but you still need to take advice on permission. Pristine will provide you with a range of sunroom design to choose from. Whether wood, plastic, or a mixed design is chosen Pristine will construct the interior and exterior of your sunroom to the best specifications. Unlike other firms, Pristine provide all building and design services, and our expert craftsmen will shape your sunroom to be the perfect retreat in your own home.

Pristine for quality sunrooms

When you choose Pristine you know that you are going to get the best possible sunroom for your money. Pristine make sure that your sunroom will be constructed using quality materials, to an agreed timescale and with expert finishing and attention to detail. When you receive a quote from Pristine you can be sure that it will be lower than other competitor firms in the market and that it will be fully comprehensive.