Conservatory or Sunroom Guide

Orangeries, conservatories, sunrooms and glass extensions Pristine build offer the full design and build. 


Conservatory Or Sunroom Guide


If you’re looking to add a classy, spacious and luxurious glass extension, orangery or sunroom to your home, then Pristine Build is the answer.


We know how to design and build elegant structures and additions to your home in an efficient and cost-effective manner so that you get the best deal for your money.


With us, you can be assured of faultless construction and intuitive designs for any addition you chose to undertake for your home.

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Ready to go – our home and loft extensions offer unique and surprising ways to increase the size of your dwelling. From transforming your loft to an extra bedroom, office or recreation room to increasing the floor space of your home for living and kitchen space.

Difference between sunroom, orangeries and Conservatory
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The first step to undertake as you begin this process is to determine exactly which type of unit is suitable for your home.

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Different types of additions or alterations can be built, depending on what your requirements and aesthetic preferences are.

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You should take into consideration your budget, building regulations in the area you live in.

The space available and other such practical considerations, as well as the aesthetic considerations of what you want your home to look like.

Who Are Pristine Builders?

There are many different types of sunrooms that can be built depending on what is the requirement of the client and what kind of weather conditions they enjoy.

These are the three main types of glass additions people choose to build:


An orangery is a unique type of glasshouse with a classical architectural design.

Initially used as a greenhouse for exotic plants, today it is largely used as functional and ornamental addition to a house, which can be used as a parlour, sitting room or party room.

It usually combined glass tiles with side elevations of brick or stone.

Glass Extension:

This is essentially any addition made to an existing structure, composed entirely of glass tiles or glass tiles mounted on wooden or brick walls.

Different types of glass tiles can be used to create such kinds of extensions.
Who Are Pristine Builders?

For some people, the practical consideration of an extra room is the main attraction, while for others it is a way of beautifying the available space and making it more aesthetically appealing.

The fact that this is a relatively low-cost means of adding space and value to a property is also a very big factor for a lot of people who choose to go down this route.


This is essentially a ‘room with a view’. Glass is incorporated either in the roof or walls, or sometimes in both, to allow light to easily enter the room, and to give those inside a view of the surroundings.

As the name suggests, these are rooms where the residents can enjoy a more sunlight filled environment.

Add value and space to your property

There are many benefits to adding this kind of structure to your house. Firstly, it is a great way to alter the architecture and over-all appearance of your house, without spending too much money.

Glass extensions have a very luxurious, elegant look and are often used as a cost-effective way of enhancing the value of the property.

Not only does it increase the square footage of the house, but it also adds an extra room which can be used for a variety of purposes and lends the house a very classy vibe.
Why get a builder to build and not a glazing company

It is always recommended that when you get such additions done to any home, you go for a reliable and highly recommended firm of builders, such as Pristine Build.

We can provide you with the kind of expertise and knowledge you need to create high quality, durable additions to your property.

While a glazing company is often used by people when they are getting this kind of work done, the fact is that a building company will be able to offer you a much more holistic approach.

Rather than just trying to figure out a way to replace wood or brick walls with glass tiles, we focus on designing and building a complete, stable structure with a fabulous exterior and a comfortable, well equipped and innovatively designed interior.

This is a key concern with any glass structure as temperature control and protection against the elements becomes tricky with such structures.

They have to be properly insulated and innovatively built using the right materials to ensure that even while offering a panoramic view, they offer protection against the elements and are equipped to be fixed with heaters and air conditioners.

Building a glass structure is much more complex than simply replacing the panels in the walls or roof because it involves incorporating modern functionalities in the room such as safe, insulated wiring and lighting.

High-quality glass structures come with expertly executed flooring made using whatever materials the client wishes to incorporate in the project.

Our company can take into account all of these different parameters and incorporate them into your design. With us, you won’t have to worry about the quality of materials used or the efficiency of the process, as we believe in using only the latest materials and technology to execute projects in a time and cost-effective manner.

We understand that for clients looking to engage the services of a building firm, two key concerns are pricing and timelines. This is why we always quote a reasonable price that takes into account all the monetary investments along the way as well as the cost of labour involved.

We follow a very methodical, organized process to arrive at this figure which ensures that it remains fixed and does not creep upwards as the building process draws to a close. We also ensure that we fulfil every commitment made to the client promptly so that they can get to enjoy their new home as soon as possible.

By outsourcing all your design, building and glazing need to us; you can just sit back and relax as we take care of all aspects of the project in an expert and efficient manner.