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Timber and Barns: Where The Real Skill Is Required

Timber buildings and barns are perhaps some of the most difficult buildings to work with. Although the construction of such buildings uses techniques that have been known to craftsmen for centuries, there is a high degree of skill required in their maintenance, repair and extension.

Moreover, such buildings are often contradictory in that the exterior may be traditional, but their interiors may be very modern. It is not unknown for people to use their barn, or timber-framed building, for activities such as building a swimming pool, or installing a hot-tub or Jacuzzi.

These features require expert plumbing and drainage work to be conducted. Pristine is the best group of contractors on the market to deal with both every day and extraordinary, work in your barn or timber building.


As well as requiring repair and refurbishment, it is also often necessary to change the use of a barn or timber-framed building. Barns can make a great commercial, as well as residential properties, and with the right planning permission can be a source of added value.

Of course, it is not just a matter of interior building and reconstruction, but you will also need to look at plumbing, electrical work and decoration.

It is most important that you consider existing structural damage as well as future weatherproofing to maintain the value of your property.

So that you are informed of all of the possibilities, it is best to bring in a specialist company such as Pristine to advise you with your plans.


What is seldom considered by property owners is that you can extend the size of a barn or timber building to provide even more space for you to use. Working with timber requires a range of skills, not just carpentry and joinery, but also decorators and other types of craftsmen.

Pristine employ a range of skilled tradesmen who can provide not only a well-constructed property extension but also one that is fitted with a complete range of amenities.

Supplying a range of utilities to a barn or timber building, such as heating, water or electricity, comes with its range of problems.

To be sure that your project is completed on time you must employ a firm with a reputation as well established as Pristine.