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Top tips for adding more space

People often think that they have to put up with the existing space in their home or move to a bigger house. However, they rarely consider that they can add space to their existing home. There are many tips for adding space to your home:-

  1. Loft conversion: converting the loft has to be the easiest and most profitable way of adding value to your home. Many homes, particularly older properties, have sizeable lofts that can be converted into extra floor space.
  2. Convert a garage: garage space is one of the most inefficiently used areas in modern houses. Many houses use garage space for storage of items which could be shelved elsewhere in the house, or shed. Converting a garage adds space and values to your house.
  3. Additional buildings: using garden space to build out-buildings can be a way of adding living, or working, space to your home. Offices are a frequent choice for outbuildings but you also might want to build a building to house a swimming pool or to create a living space for an elderly relative.
  4. Basement conversions: basements may not be your first choice when thinking about living space. However, new building techniques mean that you can convert your basement to add floor space. Games rooms are a common choice for a basement but they can even become additional living rooms or bedrooms with the right design.
  5. Repurposing: you might decide that a particular room has outlived its use and you may wish to change the design. Common areas for repurposing are in terms of converting bedroom to office space once children have grown up and left home. You may also decide to make such rooms smaller or bigger through the building, or demolition, of walls.
  6. Using outside space: you can expand the walls of your home by using outdoor space. In particular underused garden or alleyway space can be employed more usefully.

In conclusion, there are many ways of adding additional space to your home. All of these methods will need careful planning, planning permission and the use of a professional firm of builders. Pristine will be pleased to provide you with a quote for this type of work. Contact them today!