VELUX Operation Methods Explained


Here are some operations which are explained related to different types of roof windows.

The first one is Velux Centre-Pivot Roof Windows:

These are the most famous roof windows that are available in the market nowadays. They are named so because they are opened using a center-pivot. In these windows, the control bar is placed at the top, which is easy to reach and you can pull it towards your room comfortably. They are very easy to open because of their unique design and can be smoothly installed with a higher window up and lower window down. It may happen that the objects that are lying in your places like beds, desks or cupboards will make it a little difficult for you to reach the lower window, but the top controls of center-pivot will let you install it on the much lower part of your roof as compared to the top hung windows. If you have rooms with low-ceilings or if the accessibility is limited in your room, then you must go for these windows. Even you can clean them very easily because of the central pivotal design. You can also rotate this window at an angle of 180°, thus you can reach the outside part of the window, staying inside the roof.

The next is Velux Top Hung Windows

They allow the maximum amount of light to reach into your room. You can operate them by using a brushed aluminum handle, which is present in the lower part of the window. The pivotal point is placed at the top. You can open it by making use of the top pivot and the complete window will grow outwards, thus you can enjoy panoramic views and ventilation will be maximized in your room. You can place the top hung windows at a mid-level or higher positions on the roof, while the center-pivot only suits the low-level positioning in the roof. They can also be used as an emergency escapes if unfortunately you get caught in your room in case of fire or due to any other circumstances. They also rotate at an angle of 180° and can be locked into place by using a different central pivot point, thus you can clean them easily.

Now you know different operations and different purposes of having Central Pivot or Top Hung windows. Choose the one which suits best with to your needs and

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