Knocking out a wall to make a larger room is not a straightforward task. We can organise structural engineers, steels and the trades to make a perfect job. One phone call and we can take of the project.

Wall removal: a job for experts A delicate operation

Many people consider that removing a wall is a matter of brute force. Some builders and DIY experts relish taking a hammer to an interior wall and can make fast progress in demolition.

However, this naïve approach can cause more problems than it solves. If the wall is a load bearing wall, then special precautions and design factors need to be considered. At best, demolishing a load-bearing wall without mitigation can cause the ceiling to collapse and invalidate your building insurance.

At worst, it can cause severe structural damage to your house and cause thousands of pounds of damage. Even if the wall is not load bearing, there are considerations of electricity, plumbing and power to consider.

It is also very important that a professional demolition is performed so that the result is clean and well finished.

Pristine for wall removal

Pristine are known for their methodical approach to wall removal. They take your requirements as the starting point for their work.

Firstly, we will make sure that the correct permissions have been applied for and obtained. If the home is listed, then there may be additional planning permission that is required.

Secondly, we will take a full appraisal of your house, looking at the structure of the home, electricity, plumbing and decorative features.

When conducting the work, health and safety will be at the forefront and they will take care not to cause a mess and otherwise obstruct the everyday use of your home.

Pristine’s standards and service

Pristine can act quickly to remove walls inside or outside of your home. They will provide you with a quote which includes all services, including removal of bricks and materials.

As we employ a range of tradesmen you will also find that Pristine offers a range of services, such as decoration and carpentry for jobs such as installing new doors and features once the wall has been removed.