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Technical Experts​

Are you wondering how you can get a builder who can help you a home design that will stand out among the many others?

Design & Build

Pristine Builders are available for the Warwick area that can share your vision. We can help with design, concept planning on your behalf.


If yes, we are the best local builder Warwick and we guarantee you that our services will leave you more than satisfied. Regardless of the design or size of your project our building experts have the ability to handle it within the stipulate time in an effective manner..


We can provide you portfolio of our previous works and check with other homeowners for references. You can see some of the homes that we have renovated that are located in nearby local areas.

Local Builder Warwick Services
Local, Trusted & Affordable

These are some of the things you can do when you are seeking the builder in Warwick you are looking for.

Honest Pricing & Communication

Pristine will offer you a competitive and honest quotation for our work.

We offer a unique mixture of value for money and quality.

No Obligation Quotes

You will be pleasantly surprised with our quotation and admire the quality of our work. To find out more, look through the pages on our website or ring us for a free quote.

Individuals can find the builders who have a great reputation and share your vision of what a home can be.

Whether want your home built out of stone brick or something else.

These are the builders that you need.

Project management and advisory services 

We have remained to be the choice of many property owners in the area due to the fact that we treat our clients as the most important assets in our business.

We handle them with a lot of respect and ensure that all their needs are met when we work on their building. We never start working on any project until we have fully understood the specific needs of our clients.

Perfect Finish

Before our expert start the building work, they first carry out thorough assessments of to ensure that the design you want or the extension that you want in your property will fit perfectly.

In case we realize that there may be some problem on what you want, or the final results that you want may not be attained following your instructions.

We have professional with the ability to advice you on some of the changes you need to make in your building plan so that you can realize your building goals more effectively.

Customer Satisfaction

We are the most diversified local builder Warwick due to the wide range of building services that we provide.

Our services are available for both residential and commercial property owners.

If you want a new house to be built, we can offer you services from the start to the end of the project. We provide landscaping services to ensure that your building will stand in a strong ground with a strong foundation that will make your building strong.

Our landscaping experts are highly qualified and have been doing the work for many years you can entrust the landscaping project to us. In addition, we offer dry and wet stone walling.

If you do not have the required space, our experts can provide you basement conversions to ensure you get extra space for the type of house that you want to have.
Some of our services in Warwick -

If you require any type of extensions in your commercial or building property, get to us and you can be assured to get all what you need from us.

If you want sunroom where you can enjoy good weather, we can build any kind of design that you want it to have.

Unlike many other local builders in Warwick who use traditional sunroom building techniques, our experts posses the modern techniques.

They will perform the building within a short period of time and leave you to continue enjoying yourself.

We understand that there are some clients who require some other services inside their buildings.


With this understanding we employ experts with specialist skills to ensure that we fulfil all the specialised needs that our clients require in your building.

Bathroom, Kitchens, flooring and roofing services 

Another reason why we remain the best local builder Warwick is the fact that we understand that you home cannot be complete without highly designed and built facilities such as kitchens and bathrooms.

For such facilities we work on them and ensure that we meet all our client specifications.

In addition, to help you build such facilities we also know that your building cannot look unique if it does not have high quality floor.

Our flooring services remain the best in Warwick.

Other Services Offered

For any type of floor that you want to have in your building, we can provide exactly that to you. We provide normal flooring and also help installing all types of tiles.

Our roofing experts can provide you with strong roofs that will sustain any type of weather conditions.

We also carry our brickwork according to the exact requirements of our clients.

Other services we offer

* Conversion of garage
* Building maintenance
* Orangeries
* Lime plastered walls
* Re-pointing

Heat pumps and energy efficiency services