Why Pristine?

Why take the chance with smaller firms?

Small firms offer limited services. You may have the number for an electrician, know a local plumber and have found what looks likely to be a reasonable builder on the internet.

Even if the people you have found can do a satisfactory job, you have no guarantee that they can work together, little control over the quality of their work, and it is guesswork whether you will end up with a decent finish for your project.

There are terrible stories of building projects that are half finished or where customers do find that the work was not as described to them.

With Pristine everything is in one place

We have skilled and professional plumbers, joiners, carpenters, electricians and landscape gardeners who are experienced at working together as part of a team. We control all parts of the project, from start to finish.

This means that you can sleep soundly in the knowledge that you will have the project completed to the best possible standard. Together with our top quality painters and decorators, we can control the finish of your work and complete the project on time.

Free quotations

We are happy to provide a full and comprehensive quotation for our work. In doing so we will consider all of your requirements and also advise you on where we could save you money and where we can add additional services to increase the value of your investment.

You can be assured that our quotation will be extremely competitive. As our tradesmen are all employed in-house we have a team of the best possible quality, whilst passing on the savings from a unified approach to you. Call us today for a fast and inclusive quote.

Warranty on all works

Pristine guarantee their work and provide a full and extensive warranty for every job. Whether you are a domestic customer, business or own a portfolio of properties you will expect that the work has a warranty that covers all major risks.

We stand by the quality of our work, but for peace of mind, we offer full warranties for works from minor refurbishments to major construction projects.

Competitive prices

Given that we offer such a premium service customers are often surprised at our competitive prices.

You will find that our prices are competitive and inclusive. There are no surprises when you commission work from Pristine.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column]

Good Job

Best I have ever used. The work was carried out quickly and efficiently and their expert explained in detail what he was doing and why. He also showed and explained how to use the system economically to our comfort zone. Highly recommended!