Your Perfect Conservatory in Bicester


Your Perfect Conservatory in Bicester


A Pristine Builders conservatory should be the perfect addition to any Bicester home, and our staff will happily go the extra mile with every project we undertake to ensure your satisfaction. Welcome to Pristine Builders, Bicester’s favourite bespoke designer of conservatories for every style and season of glass. Irrespective of the type of dwelling, the perfect conservatory need not be terribly difficult to construct.

Style of Conservatory

Many of our clients already have an idea of their perfect conservatory, perhaps from seeing a neighbouring property, and no request is too difficult. The most popular designs tend to be Victorian traditional or modern contemporary, however, other designs such as the chic gable-fronted or full glass lean-to add appeal to Bicester homes as well. For your perfect conservatory, we generally recommend a style and design that complements the existing structure, be it pre-1900s, Victorian, Edwardian, mid-20th century, or modern. Common floor plans we have built in the area include the B shape, P shape, L shape, and rectangle.

Our design team of expert professionals are fully cognisant of Cherwell County Council’s planning application process (if needed) and are able to assist you with larger home extensions under the permitted development regulations currently in force.consservative-1

We offer a selection of customisable turnkey solutions, as well an architectural service for projects that absolutely must be unique. During construction, Pristine Builders do not rely on external tradespeople to complete your project. In fact, all of the experts needed we employ in-house.

Additional Options

The structure of your new conservatory is made from aluminium, fusion-welded for extra strength and life, and can be supplied in a variety of attractive colours. Choose three quarter or full-length windows, or split fixed/hinged, and let us know if you prefer double or triple glazed A-Rated argon gas-filled Pilkington glass.

Textured and coloured glass, with low maintenance coatings, are proving very popular in Bicester for conservatory roofs, windows and doors. Additional options such as bi-fold and French doors, or polycarbonate and tiled roofs may positively affect your use of the conservatory.

Matching doors and windows to the property, for example with woodgrain effects in Rosewood, Mahogany, or Light Oak may significantly add to the value of the conservatory extension and should be seriously considered.Bicester-sliding-folding We also offer a fantastic range of glass extensions

To view the Pristine Builders catalogue of conservatory designs and options, call the Pristine Builders Bicester office today on 01865 685160

Contact us today to find out more!

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