We encourage customers to give us feedback as we are always looking to improve and offer our customers gold start service every time.

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Looking for a local reputable building company to make your dream home come true, you are in the right place.

We have an experienced team of professionals, ready to provide all the building services you need:

While looking at our website, you will find testimonials like:

  • Excellent job! – A
  • They made my house look more beautiful – J
  • I have never seen such a professional and friendly builders. – T

Now you might be asking yourself what makes our clients so pleased

Pristine offers a unique set of high-quality services and benefits to its clients. Check some of the advantages of choosing Pristine for your building project.

A wide range of property types

If your home has a particular style or was built many years ago, it may be difficult to find builders who can work on such projects.

But with Pristine you can rest assured that you see the ideal solution for your needs.

We can work on a wide range of property types, such as:

  • 50,60,70s
  • Edwardian
  • Buildings from before 1900
  • Victorian
  • Timber/Barns
  • Non-standard like prefabricated and eco-building with innovative materials
  • Modern designs and present-day homes

Solutions to make your home more spacious

You may be satisfied with your current location and neighbourhood, but your house might have become small, especially if the family grew. But you don’t need to move to another place to solve the issue.

You can remodel your rooms, make extensions and refurbishments using our services so that your home will finally meet your currents needs.

Some of our specialities are loft or garage conversions, kitchen and bathrooms renovations.

The renovations include traditional and modern design changes, lime plastering, joinery and carpentry. And your house is not the only thing we can improve.

The Pristine team can also work on gardens and associated buildings, making them more beautiful and, of course, cleaning all the mess after the job is done.

Free quotation and services at affordable prices

Our high-quality services have affordable prices, that can fit your needs. But we agree with you that planning is always essential.

And to help you choose building services that match your budget, we offer a free quotation. You may call us any day, from 7 am to 9 pm, using the following numbers:

We will be happy to give you a free quote for your building project.[/ultimate_heading][ultimate_heading main_heading_color=”#101010″ sub_heading_color=”#666666″ alignment=”left” main_heading_font_size=”desktop:22px;” sub_heading_font_size=”desktop:13px;” sub_heading_line_height=”desktop:20px;” margin_design_tab_text=””]T from Bicester

I am getting my house build by Pristine Builders. They are doing a wonderful job and it is about to complete in just few months.

D from Oxford

They provide quote free service. Whenever I have any construction jobs at home, I only remember their name first.

N from Witney

My old and ugly loft was turned into an amazing bedroom by Pristine Builders. It was a good job

L from Weston on the Green

Beautiful craftsmanship by Pristine Builders in my home. I wasn’t bothered at all by them and work was done smoothly.

W from Milton Keynes

They provide all the assistance you need when u want a new home. In fact the constructions by them are qualitative and beautiful.

A from Stony Stratford

I have renovated both my houses recently with the help of Pristine Builders. Their work and quality is impeccable and outstanding.

A from Oxfordshire

Pristine builders are amazing, I was quite worried about renovating my home but Pristine builders not only offered me affordable prices but the quality is also impeccable.

O from Thame

My home looks completely different now, my garden was a mess before, but the Pristine builders transformed it into a beauty.

M from Winslow

I love cooking, kitchen is the place where I spend most of the time, thank you Pristine builders for your wonderful work.

L from Bicester

Pristine builders are the best, even while the construction was in progress my house remained clean, can you believe it? They clean the house every day before leaving.

A from Didcot

I love these guys, they know their work and they know what the customer wants. Fully satisfied with their work.

L from Nash

If wanted to add another room by converting my garage and Pristine builders did a wonderful job.

J from Buckingham

When they told me that I’ll get best value for my money I didn’t believe them, but I am glad that I was proven wrong.

S from Milton Keynes

I was surprised to see that there was so much free space at my home, now it looks much better and lot of my friends have already asked me for your number.

V from Bletchley

From designing to building my home, Pristine builders did everything for me and that too at a very convenient rate.

F from Towcester

Never seen such a professional and friendly builders, great quality and service. From garden to garage everything looks more beautiful.

H from Brackley

When our son was born, we wanted to add another room to our house by dividing our hall. Pristine Builders did a wonderful job and I recommend it to everybody who requires any refurbishment.

D from Kidlington

These people are extremely good at their work. Not only they made my house look more beautiful, but somehow they also manage to make rooms more spacious.

J from Woodcote

When my house required renovation, I was not sure whom to choose. My friend told me about Pristine Builders and thanks to them my house looks wonderful.

J from Abingdon

Pristine Builders are simply the best. I love the work they did in my house. From Garage to my bedroom everything looks perfect.

T from Adstock

I wanted to transform my garage into a lounge. My brother recommended me Pristine Builders and I was more than happy with the results. The newly constructed lounge looks beautiful and spacious.

S from Bicester

I wanted my house to look classy and happening at the same time. So, when I got enough money, I asked Pristine Builders for help. Within few days, my house was completely changed and I got exactly what I wanted.

A from Waddesdon

If you want your house to look beautiful and at the same time you don’t want to increase your budget then you must go for Pristine Builders. They know their work plus they are very good with people.

O from Tiddington

I’m a big fan of Pristine Builders. For quite a few times, I asked for their help and they never seem to disappoint me. Love their work.

G from Aylesbury

I wanted to make few changes to my house, but my budget was very tight. My dad suggested me to take the help from Pristine Builders and to my amazement, these guys did a brilliant job.

I from Milton Common

I invested on a new property but, its value was dropping constantly in the market. A friend told me about Pristine Builders and with their help I completely changed the look of that property. Not only I managed to sell that house but, I also got huge profit.

G from Oxford

My search to look for the best guys for designing home extensions ended here at Pristine Builders. They designed a complete blueprint of how my new extended home would look like and finished the project in no time.

N from Summertown

Due to the fear of spending huge amounts of money, I was hesitant to hire Pristine Builders for renovating my home. But then I was shocked and relieved after they proposed my quite an affordable plan for the overall construction work.

L from Headington Oxford

My wife always had a dream of having a glass extension on the rooftop of our house. Thanks to Pristine Builders who made this dream come true.

S from Oxford

With their best in class construction services, Pristine Builders were able to satisfy and convince me completely. I relied on them for availing top notch services and they didn’t betray my trust.

O from Buckingham

From my personal experience, I can surely say that Pristine Builders are the best guys in the construction business. You can always rely on them for quality services.

S from Milton Keynes

If you want to increase spaces to your living abodes and want to opt for loft conversions, do contact Pristinebuild.

D from Thame

If your garage is lying as neglected as mine was once, then contact Pristinebuild for assistance. Awesome work by an awesome team.

P from Aylesbury

Pristinebuild provides the best services and are the ultimate solution to your home extension woes. I availed their services and must say was quite impressed. For details contact today.

W from Wolverton

Pristine Builders is simply the best, I have tried many builders but the quality of the work that is delivered by these guys is unmatchable. No wonder why they are so popular.

G from Oxford

These people are absolutely brilliant. Pristine builders turned my boring and ugly garage into wonderful playing area and the best part is they charges were very reasonable.

My Dad recommended me Pristine Builders when I wanted to extend a part of my home and since then I always ask them for any of the construction work and they never disappoint me with their innovative designs.

J from Wheatley

Great service at good price. The quality of the material that Pristine Build used was awesome. My home now looks fab. I found them to be most concerned about my project. Thanks.Pristine Build did the great decoration job. Brilliant work expertise with amazing staff. I had both constructions and renovation from them. Believe it or not, I found them the best.

S from Waddesdon

I am a big fan of Pristine Builders, their work is simply amazing. From designing to building my new house, they did the complete work and my new house is absolutely beautiful.

C from Winslow

I always choose Pristine Builders and these people always surprise me with their amazing work. I recommend it to everybody who wants beautiful home.

L from Towcester

If you need any type of construction work then, Pristine Builders is just the perfect option for you. I never have to search for builders as I know who the best is.

O from MK

My old and ugly loft was turned into an amazing bedroom by Pristine Builders. It wasn’t less than a miracle to me.

B from Whaddon

My old house required refurbishment work but, my budget was limited and then my dad told me about these people. Pristine Builders did an amazing work at my house and the best part is, I even saved some money.

L from Oxford

I’m an estate agent therefore, I require lots of construction work when I buy. I always chose pristine builders because they deliver perfect results and they always finish the work before the deadline. Great going guys, you rock.

W from Chinnor

Perfect transformation I had with Pristine Build. My garage now looks amazing. It is enhancing the beauty of my house. Commendable staff and their expertise even. Thanks.

Pristine builders not only refurbished my home but they also somehow managed to make rooms more spacious. Thanks to these people I got my dream home and I love it. Thank you guys, you’re the best.

S from Bierton

I never thought that constructing something can be so easy, thanks to Pristine Builders my house looks wonderful. Great job guys.

J from Cumnor Hill

Giving a home an entire new and fresh look is an art which is performed best by Pristine Build. I had an unimaginable renovation in my home at costs that I can afford.

S from Witney

I found the champions who did great job in renovating my house. Thanks a ton Pristine Build for all your esteemed service and charging affordable. Their day and night service is truly helping.[/ultimate_heading]