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Velux Professional Window Installers

Here at Pristine Build, we are a team of friendly professionals who expertly fit a wide range of Velux windows for your home. This type of specialist window comes in many sizes and finishes, so you will always find a window to suit your style and needs.

Although some individuals choose to not use a professional Velux window installer, we highly recommend that you use a professional installer to ensure that the window is fitted correctly and more importantly safely.

You do need to be trained to fit this type of specialist window, as installing them incorrectly could lead to unwanted drafts, leaks and unfortunately, the window falling out. So always use a professional to fit your Velux windows.

Pristine Build professionally installs the following Velux windows.

Flat Roofs
Living spaces that incorporate a flat roof often get very little natural light. One way around this is to fit a Velux flat roof window. This will instantly brighten your room and make it more accessible.

As well as extra light, a Velux flat roof window will also allow fresh air flow into your room, helping to increase ventilation. This type of window will also help to give the illusion of more space.

Roof Velux Windows
We fit different types of roof windows for your home.

The Centre-pivot Roof Window Open and closes effortlessly, are easy to clean and maintain, rotate up to 180° for added ventilation and can be installed lower to the ground than other types of roof window, allowing in more light and offering stunning views.

Top-hung Roof Window Is operated with the use of a handle located at the bottom of the window. They also open outwards, so do not obscure your view of the surrounding area. This type of window is ideal for use in a converted loft space, as it gives uninterrupted panoramic views.velux-aylesbury

The INTEGRA Roof Window
This is by far the most high-tech roof window that is currently available on the market. This window is controlled remotely and is powered by either solar panels or electricity.

The control pad allows you to open and close the window remotely, as well as any associated shutters or blinds. This remote sensor will also work anywhere within your home. Another great feature is that if it rains, the window will automatically close. The solar power option is highly economical, allowing you to save on your energy bills while maintaining a warm home.

Balcony Roof Window
If you wish to have a small balcony attached to your roof, in order to gain more accessible floor space, then the balcony roof window is a great option.

Your room will be flooded with light, and you will be able to go outside and breathe in the fresh air. When not in use, this window folds flat against the roof, so will not take up any extra space. Instead, you will gain extra space and light in your loft area.

Roof Terrace Window
If you have a roof terrace and wish to have greater access to this space, then a roof terrace window is your best option. This window is installed into the lowest part of your roof, therefore taking up the least room.

What it will do, is to allow light to flood into your loft space, as well as offering floor to ceiling panoramic views. No floor space will be lost and the room will appear to be that much larger because of the natural light.

Conservation Roof Windows
This type of window will echo the style and theme of the outside decor of your home. They tastefully ‘blend in’, and have an exterior black finish.

They have the same high tech qualities as all Velux windows and are just as energy efficient. You also have a range of glazing options to choose from with the conservation window.velux-milton-keynes

Combining Roof Windows
When you go for this option, ultimately you will allow more natural light into your home and will gain stunning views of the local area.

This is ideal when you need to cover a large roof space and need the use of natural light, perhaps for a study or living room.

White Painted Roof Windows
If you want to dramatically brighten up your living space, then the white painted roof window will do just the trick. The light will be reflected back into the living area, as well as complementing any colour or style of home decor.

The same high-quality wood is used, and the window is just as energy efficient as other types of Velux window. If you want your room to feel fresh and modern, then the white painted window is the window to choose.

To find out more about our range of Velux roof windows, and the installation process, please do give us a call or contact us via our website.