Garage conversions with Pristine The garage: an overlooked building

The garage is perhaps the least loved part of your home. In some homes the garage is used for parking, but in others it is used simply for storage. However, the garage should not be overlooked and you can covert or rebuild your garage to claw back extra floor, and living, space for your home.

Garage conversions are a specialist job, and you will need a reputable firm if you are going to commission one. By using garage space you can add an extra room to your house. Popular choices are utility rooms (for household appliances, most often to create a washing room) and an office.

However, it is becoming more common to use the garage space to extend existing rooms. Even kitchens can be extended to add space to this most precious of rooms. This will add value to your house if you chose to sell.

Pristine are the firm to choose for garage conversions

Some firms take a very uncreative approach to garage conversions. They do not think about the ways in which the garage conversion will fit in with the rest of the house. This can result in an extension that does not suit the remainder of the house.

Sometimes an extension might leave the appearance of the garage unchanged, simply in order to free up extra space. Although this basic service may suit some people, Pristine will give you a range of design alternatives for your garage conversion.

You may wish to include a new toilet or shower in your garage conversion, for example, or to add feature doors or windows. All of these services require a professional firm of builders where everything is in-house.

For quality use Pristine

Pristine will make sure that they put quality to the forefront when they undertake your garage conversion. They have a track record of planning and constructing the best conversions in the region.

The conversion will be constructed to the highest building standards and there will be little fuss, and disruption, to your lifestyle, whilst the garage is being converted. In short, Pristine can make your garage a loved part of your house again!