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New builds: a range of building services Commissioning a new build

When it comes to commissioning a new build you require a wide range of building and associated services. You will need a firm that is used to working with architects and that has expertise in interpreting a range of legal and planning regulations.

Before, and during, the building, you will need a site manager and a range of site services to make sure the work is conducted in accordance with building regulations. This all needs to be managed with exceptional project management skills to make sure that the project is completed on time.

The new build also needs to connect with a range of utilities and services, such as gas, electricity and water, and there are special regulations and requirements regarding these. You will also need to take advice on building materials, flooring, fixtures and fittings.

Finally, you will need to think about decoration and the appearance of interior and exterior. You may even decide to invest in professional garden landscaping.

If you are thinking about a new build, or have recently completed or moved into one, you should also consider building maintenance so that the investment in your property is maintained over time.

Pristine for new builds

Once you have decided that you would like to commission a new build, Pristine should be the first firm that you contact. Pristine have many advantages when it comes to this specialist sector of the construction market.

  • Firstly, they have the experience of working on large-scale projects and are happy to show you examples of their existing work.
  • Secondly, they are unique in terms of having access to a wide range of building services in-house. Unlike many other contemporary building companies, Pristine still believe in investing in a wide variety of expertise.
  • Finally, Pristine can not only construct your new build but also can help to maintain it.

Pristine for the best new builds

If you want a new build to be proud of, Pristine should be the first firm that you contact. They can offer a comprehensive quote and project management plan that will give you security to know that the job will be performed on time, to cost and with the use of expert craftsmen and tradesmen.